Rosy Maple Moth

I’m still secret knitting, but I do have one tiny diversion for you today!  He’s certainly been keeping me busy.

knit a moth a day

 This is my little friend the Rosy Maple Moth.

moth in the stash

We’ve hung out in the stash.


rocky and the moth

We’ve played with Rocky.

rosy maple moth knit

We’ve stopped to smell the flowers.

fogknits knitting stuffie softie

Yes, it’s been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday! Now it’s time for Mr. Moth to flitter off on his next adventure.

He’s a pattern mash-up and of course, I’d do things differently the next time.  His parts were all picked up and worked out from the body.  I would have preferred to work them separately and then sew everything together.  Mostly, it’s become clear, I actually am a toy knitter.  Stash busting, instant gratification and a toy surprise…it’s a little knitter’s happy meal!


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