Secret Knitting

It may appear that I’m not doing much knitting these days.  Don’t worry–I absolutely am!  I just can’t share it.  It’s secret knitting time here at FogKnits Headquarters!  Enough said, eh?

Here’s the pile I can talk about!  The changes are rather invisible over the last two weeks though.  On the left, my entrelac-esque crochet shawl, it’s growing but the rows are so long at this point, you don’t see the progress.  Hundreds of crochet stitches take a LONG time!


On the right, my Rockefeller shawl, stalled after clue 2, excited to get back to it shortly!

In the middle, my planned pooling scarf, it’s been on the back burner, untouched for a year until last week.  I don’t know what possessed me to pick it up last week, guilt probably.  I managed some small dents in it last week, adding about 6 inches, you can’t tell at all though.  I’ve gotta add about 4 feet before that sucker starts to look much different!  The slog continues.

And, on the top,  I bought yarn for my next sweater.  (because I really need to BUY yarn!  yeah right.)  No sweater making until the secret knitting is done though, so far I’m holding strong.  I’m going to make another Sabine.  I couldn’t resist the shiny purple!  I may cave in and swatch this week.  It’s shiny AND purple after all…


  1. salpal1

    it all looks wonderful! I don’t; have secret knitting, but I do get hung up on obligatory knitting which keeps me form my fun things, and drives me crazy. :-) Hope you get back to your projects soon!

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