It Seams So…



Today, I’m putting together a sweater I didn’t knit.  It started as a chore because who actually likes setting in sleeves?  As I progress, I rather like it though.  Partially because I’ve moved on from setting in sleeves to mattress stitching the sides.


I like the sense of order a neatly seamed sweater has.  It’s very satisfying to transform weird stringy, curled up pieces into a sharp, fashionable sweater!  It’s kind of magical.  While being very precise.  I like that part too.  It’s magic and engineering all at once!


The asymmetric stripes are definitely helping!  The design is largely improvised, including the striping.  I’ve taken some risks with stripes in my day.  You just never know what’s going to happen so when the knitter (my friend Julia) said ‘I’m just going to put some stripes in the body’ I had no idea what to expect.


It turned out perfect!  I really love it.  I keep telling Julia that.  She thinks I’m just being nice, I mean it though!  It’s a gift for her nephew but as always, my offer stands…I’ll take it off her hands!  It just happens to be my size, I’d wear it :)

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