Rockefeller – Clue 2

Despite the minor crochet distraction, the knitting continues on my latest WestKnit!


This is Clue 2 completed!  The intarsia was completely manageable!  Only four rows at a time, so not enough time for the yarn to get hopelessly tangled!  I do have a lot of ends to wrangle though!


Stephen suggests weaving ends along the way.  That’s not usually my style.  I leave my ends dangling in case I need to undo something down the line.  Let’s be honest though, that’s an excuse to procrastinate.  I’m not undoing anything at this point.

My plan is to spend the rest of the morning weaving ends.  I’ve got a shawl from way back in October with ends still hanging.  And it was early october, so it’s been 8 months.  I’m way past procrastinating on that one.  Time to suck it up and deal!

Wish me luck!  :)



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