I had such a productive weekend and I’ve been able to keep that momentum going.  Even better, I’ve channeled it into old WIPs that have been languishing!

My Rockefeller got a new inch!  At 330 sts/row, that’s a substantial task!  In garter stitch, on size 3 needles?!?  This is a relatively new WIP though, it hasn’t become a chore just yet.


My Southern Skies, on the other hand, with it’s jar of beads, crochet hook and 4 page chart, definitely fell into the chore category.  The yarn, Superior Cashmere, a skinny little cashmere-silk blend, is far to luscious to be considered a chore!  That was enough to get me started!


After an inch or so, I finally found the groove.  There’s a lot of moving parts with this one, flip the chart page, move the highlighter tape, positioning the crochet hook and beads for optimal usage!  I’ve figured out the perfect configuration of everything just in time to make the switch to the fifth chart section, this is the section where the chart spans 8 pages!


It’s suddenly way less daunting.  The knitting is just stockinette in the round, it’s actually my favorite thing to do!  Safe to say, I’m back in love with this project!  Let’s see how long it lasts…

Weekend Round Up


The yarn was flying this weekend…I finished 3 hats since we last spoke!  Everything lined up just right…a perfect trifecta of inspiration, determination and free time!  I finished up the first Phish hat,


and cast on another hat, right away.  I didn’t really have a plan.  Plans never work out anyway.  I really don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next.


With my hat nearing completion, I got out the graph paper and started tinkering with the Phish logo.  Why not?  I think I got pretty close.


It’s another of the large designs, making it hard to photograph but I think the kids on the lot will approve.  As usual, I’d make some changes doing it a second time.  I’m optimistically calling this a prototype.  We’ll see if I ever get back around to it.  Because of course, I had the next hat cast on already.


My hands wanted to keep going but my brain couldn’t possibly come up with a second non-plan that was so perfect.  Enter sequence knitting, this is exactly the scenario sequence knitting was made for.  Don’t have a plan?  That’s okay, don’t need one!  I grabbed the nearest yarn and off I went.  Turns out, not having a plan is a plan that works for me.  At least this weekend.

And now, my hands rest.  I might even go to the beach.  I did ‘work’ all weekend, after all!






Summer Tour

School is out.  Summer Solstice has passed.  Summer is in full swing.  That means summer tours are finally underway!  This summer I’m immortalizing yet another band with my knitting needles!  I’ve got a new hat in progress and I’m really loving it so far!


It’s a rather acceptable use of Pantone’s horrible dual color of the year choice.  I’m completely not hating it!







The inspiration behind this hat is Jon Fishman, the dress-wearing drummer, of jam band Phish.  I don’t know why he wears a dress covered in pink donuts but it makes for a fun hat, at any rate!

I’m speeding through it, so I’ll be done well in advance of Phish’s stop in San Francisco, the one place a hat may be necessary all summer!  Once again, I’m quite pleased with myself for having the right idea at the right time.  Timing is everything!

It’s also a convenient time to be inspired by a man in a dress!  It’s pride weekend in the bay area!  Hope everyone has a safe, fun and accepting weekend!


Rosy Maple Moth

I’m still secret knitting, but I do have one tiny diversion for you today!  He’s certainly been keeping me busy.

knit a moth a day

 This is my little friend the Rosy Maple Moth.

moth in the stash

We’ve hung out in the stash.


rocky and the moth

We’ve played with Rocky.

rosy maple moth knit

We’ve stopped to smell the flowers.

fogknits knitting stuffie softie

Yes, it’s been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday! Now it’s time for Mr. Moth to flitter off on his next adventure.

He’s a pattern mash-up and of course, I’d do things differently the next time.  His parts were all picked up and worked out from the body.  I would have preferred to work them separately and then sew everything together.  Mostly, it’s become clear, I actually am a toy knitter.  Stash busting, instant gratification and a toy surprise…it’s a little knitter’s happy meal!


Knit in Public Day


Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day!  I knit in public constantly so I decided to show my dedication to fiber craft another way…



With a new yarn bomb!  I proved the old adage true and returned to the scene of my last crime.  I yarn bombed this same stand of bike racks, last year.  It didn’t stick around as long as I would have liked.  Someone complained and the city removed it.  I may have returned with a chip on my shoulder.  At least it’s a cozy yarn chip!


Hopefully the city worker who gets tasked with removing this one will have a laugh and enjoy my attempts to bring job security to the city’s graffiti abatement team.

I think my next one will say ‘egregious vandalism’  :)

Not Quite FO?


Nothing this week has been quite right, so it’s no surprise that today’s FO is not quite an FO yet.  The progress is good, but as I suspected all along, I had no where near enough yarn!  Damn you, Crochet!

crochet shawl diagonal stitch

So far, so good.  It’s lovely!  I want to wear it but this happens…


It’s just not big enough.  They aren’t called Shlankets (half shawl/half blanket) for nothing! I’ve got one more ball of Mini Mochi but it’s a different color.  I don’t think it works.

crochet crocheted shawl stripes mini mochi

I think I need more yarn.

(Who am I kidding?  I can’t say that with a straight face anymore.  Of course, I need more yarn.  DUH!  I’ve already browsed Ravelry stashes twice, I just need to send a few messages!  There’s quite a bit of this color in the wild… come to me pretties, come to me!  You will be mine!)

And to kick your weekend off, check out this link for a tour of Stephen West’s stash and a color chat with Taiu of Koigu!  They’re the first two Knit Stars to share with us!   Looks like we’ll get two more videos next week too!

Secret Knitting

It may appear that I’m not doing much knitting these days.  Don’t worry–I absolutely am!  I just can’t share it.  It’s secret knitting time here at FogKnits Headquarters!  Enough said, eh?

Here’s the pile I can talk about!  The changes are rather invisible over the last two weeks though.  On the left, my entrelac-esque crochet shawl, it’s growing but the rows are so long at this point, you don’t see the progress.  Hundreds of crochet stitches take a LONG time!


On the right, my Rockefeller shawl, stalled after clue 2, excited to get back to it shortly!

In the middle, my planned pooling scarf, it’s been on the back burner, untouched for a year until last week.  I don’t know what possessed me to pick it up last week, guilt probably.  I managed some small dents in it last week, adding about 6 inches, you can’t tell at all though.  I’ve gotta add about 4 feet before that sucker starts to look much different!  The slog continues.

And, on the top,  I bought yarn for my next sweater.  (because I really need to BUY yarn!  yeah right.)  No sweater making until the secret knitting is done though, so far I’m holding strong.  I’m going to make another Sabine.  I couldn’t resist the shiny purple!  I may cave in and swatch this week.  It’s shiny AND purple after all…

It Seams So…



Today, I’m putting together a sweater I didn’t knit.  It started as a chore because who actually likes setting in sleeves?  As I progress, I rather like it though.  Partially because I’ve moved on from setting in sleeves to mattress stitching the sides.


I like the sense of order a neatly seamed sweater has.  It’s very satisfying to transform weird stringy, curled up pieces into a sharp, fashionable sweater!  It’s kind of magical.  While being very precise.  I like that part too.  It’s magic and engineering all at once!


The asymmetric stripes are definitely helping!  The design is largely improvised, including the striping.  I’ve taken some risks with stripes in my day.  You just never know what’s going to happen so when the knitter (my friend Julia) said ‘I’m just going to put some stripes in the body’ I had no idea what to expect.


It turned out perfect!  I really love it.  I keep telling Julia that.  She thinks I’m just being nice, I mean it though!  It’s a gift for her nephew but as always, my offer stands…I’ll take it off her hands!  It just happens to be my size, I’d wear it :)

The Secret History of Knitting

Happy Sunday!  Hope your day is going to be filled with fiber goodness!

Yesterday, I was chatting with a couple knitters about the history of knitting.  I suggested this video from Makeful, thinking it would be easy to find.  Somehow though, searching youtube for ‘secret history of knitting’ didn’t return this??  I had to scroll through my viewing history to find it so now, I’m leaving it right here for easy reference!

It’s fun, informative and very well done!   Check it out!   I really enjoyed it, hopefully you will too!  If you’ve got a favorite video or article on knitting history, please share!  I’m always interested in that sort of thing!

Rockefeller – Clue 2

Despite the minor crochet distraction, the knitting continues on my latest WestKnit!


This is Clue 2 completed!  The intarsia was completely manageable!  Only four rows at a time, so not enough time for the yarn to get hopelessly tangled!  I do have a lot of ends to wrangle though!


Stephen suggests weaving ends along the way.  That’s not usually my style.  I leave my ends dangling in case I need to undo something down the line.  Let’s be honest though, that’s an excuse to procrastinate.  I’m not undoing anything at this point.

My plan is to spend the rest of the morning weaving ends.  I’ve got a shawl from way back in October with ends still hanging.  And it was early october, so it’s been 8 months.  I’m way past procrastinating on that one.  Time to suck it up and deal!

Wish me luck!  :)