Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Art School Drop Out Edition

Since we talked last week, I wound yarn for a couple new hats.

hand dyed yarn moms yarn yarn cakes yarn porn

The next morning I cast on and set out for work.  There were some diversions along the way.  I worked on the ribbing as I sat on a stoop.

fogknits hat cast on hand dyed yarn cascade 220 ribbing

I started the stockinette body of the hat next to a jukebox.

jukebok knitting

I went back to the bus for the ride home.

knitting in public muni knitting

The next morning, back to work again!  The bus was hideous though, I had to get off.  Might as well knit on a park bench along the way.

knit in public work in progress wednesday

and then I went home again!  Isn’t commuting exciting?

knitting san francisco muni knitting bus ride commuter knitting fogknits

And finally the hat is done!  Now to embellish it.  I started with fish but it turns out sea weed is the only thing I’m good at drawing.  I tried lots of different stuff.  It all needs refinement though.


I would definitely be an art school dropout, assuming I could even make it through the admissions process.  I’m gonna keep working on my fish.  Instead, I decided on Golden Gate Bridge attempt #2.

That’s when picking yarn got complicated.  I narrowed it to three choices.

knitting choices

A case could be made for all three, even after doing the black & white test.

black and white for contrast knitting

I’ve made my decision.  I definitely didn’t go with the safe choice.  Hopefully it works out.   Really though, All this non-knitting but knitting-adjacent stuff has me dying to pick up the needles…my Rockefeller is looking good!

rockefeller clue 2 section 2 westknits knitting mystery knit along sylph jade sapphie cashmere linen blend

Yay Knitting!  I’m picking up the needles in 3…2…1…


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