WIP Wednesday – Rockefeller



I’ve got a new, highly anticipated shawl on the needles!  Everything about it is exciting!  First the yarn, Sylph, a cashmere linen blend from Jade Sapphire.  As soon as I saw this color, I wanted it!

Right around the same time, I saw another knitter’s Rockefeller shawl (a WestKnits’ design) in the same yarn.  It was, literally, a no brainer.  A gorgeous, graphic, lightweight linen, warm cashmere, drapey, perfect no brainer!  Thanks, Gayle :) It’s taken more than a year to rise to the top of the queue but now is the time!  I’ve got Spring Fever and I must knit all the green.


So, I’ve been toiling away on the bus.  I’m not sure what possessed me to knit short row intarsia on the bus though.  It’s not the most practical thing I’ve ever done.  I usually make it through a wedge and a half on the way to work.  This means as my stop approaches I’m frantically trying to finish a short row and deal with the entire rides worth of intarsia tangle while stuffing everything back in the bag and gracefully exiting the bus.  It’s a logistical challenge for someone who doesn’t drink coffee in the morning, to say the least.  There have been no disasters…YET!


In spite of it all, progress is being made!  I’m about 2/3rds through the first section and I’ve come to my senses about the whole bus thing.  The bus will be for hat binging (which is going well!)  There will definitely be an FO Friday this week (maybe even two!)  There’s a sneak peek over on Instagram.  Hopefully idea #2 works out as well as idea #1.  Fingers crossed!  Now it’s time to get knitting!


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