Still Making Baskets

San Francisco is trying to distract me!  The temptation is real but never fear…


…I’m still making baskets!  The Grey Basket project has become The White Basket Project!  As lovely and practical as neutrals are, I just don’t have the same vigor for neutrals as I do for color!   I just could not resist any longer!

knit basket bulky knit basket tough love fest fibers

Color!  Wooooo!  It practically fell off the needles.  It’s amazing how one slight change to a project makes it interesting all over again!  I’m dreaming of a little teal sidekick for this fellow.  They’ll be so cute together!  The only thing stopping me…


Just a couple more neutral baskets to go!  I’m feeling good after that pop of purple! I think I’ll make it through!  I’ll keep ya posted!





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