FO Friday – Anarchy for Hippies

I finished the stupid black hat.  It wasn’t hard.  I didn’t hate it.  But c’mon…this is the most boring hat ever.

stupid black hat

As luck would have it, stupid black hat is directly adjacent to BAMF with one little tweak!

anarcy for hippies

Ta-da!  A little splash of red and it’s perfect now!  I love it…and so does Jerry!  Jerry definitely supports subversive knitting.  The juxtaposition of bad attitude and soft, cozy knitting really tickles my fancy.  It’s the perfect combination for a hippie who’s not really a hippie.

I can’t take all the credit for this masterpiece though.  The idea came from Debbie Stoller’s Happy Hooker crochet book.  I’ve loved it since the book was released, just never had the opportunity to convert it to knitting!  Glad I finally did though!

If I were to repeat this, I would do it differently though.  Recently, I’ve wanted to shrink all the motifs I’m using.  There’s no need to turn one’s head into a giant billboard.  A sly wink  does the job too.  Unfortunately this time, I think a little bit of anarchy could be mistaken for an Avengers plug.  LOL!  Unintended consequences, eh?

I love it anyhow.   If you love the Avengers enough to make that connection, I’m happy to fill that niche too :)   Knitting — the great equalizer,  if it can bring punks & geeks together in harmony, imagine what else it can do?!?

Is it Caturday yet?


It’s the internet, isn’t every day Caturday?  Because progress shots of a stupid black hat are not that exciting, today I have cat pictures for your enjoyment!



I frequently have large piles of knitwear and yarn laying around.  The fur ball lays around quite a bit too.  Occasionally the two intersect.


It gets me every time, he’s just so cute sitting on a pile of yarn.


Cue the crazy cat lady music…


…because I saved the best for last!  My sister’s kitty still loves to dress up!  This is the latest picture I’ve gotten from her!  Because what else goes with a unicorn horn and a floral sundress but heart socks?





WIP Wednesday – Black


Way back on Monday, which seems like a lifetime ago, I finished a hat.  Another Grateful Dead hat.  By pure coincidence, just down the street, most of the Grateful Dead were scheduled to perform a free concert that very same night!  Add it all up, hometown crowd, historic venue, 50 years of music and it’s a free ticket…that means it’s a nearly impossible ticket!

I had to try though.  You can’t ignore these things when they happen in your own zip code!  I set off, to work the line that had been growing, in front of the venue since 6 am, maybe someone would love my handiwork and I could trade it for a ticket.

Actually, it worked out even better than that!  Someone I knew had a pair of tickets and offered me his extra just as the doors were opening!  Total Score!  Except he’s the ‘not a hippie’ kind of hippie.  No, Grateful Dead knits will not do in this case.  And so, today’s work-in-progress was born!


It’s black!  I never knit with black, this is a big deal.  I’m bumping an idea to the top of the queue, something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never had the right home for it.  Now I do!  This is going to be the perfect!  It’s a tidy little puzzle that is fitting together just right.  I love when I remember the right idea at the right time!

Stay tuned for FO Friday, this promises to be a good one!

FO Friday – GGB or TMNT?

golden gate bridge hat pea soup green

My Golden Gate Bridge refinement continues, for better or worse!  I’ve improved the shape of my bridge line art.  I don’t think the green was the best choice though.  There’s something oddly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-esque about this.  LOL!  I think the next one will definitely be orange!  International Orange if I can help it!

high tea

Assuming, of course, the hat binge continues.  I went to high tea yesterday.  Now I’ve got tea cozies on the brain!

tea cozy

They’re just hats with ear slits, after all!

Happy Friday!  Hope you all get many fiber filled hours this weekend!

Rockefeller Expansion


Sorry, no time for chatting today!  I picked up the needles yesterday and I just can’t stop!  My Rockefeller shawl is finally feeling like a shawl, the rows have gotten longer and the pattern is committed to memory!  I’m definitely gaining momentum on this one!


It looks a bit like Pac-Man today!  Who am I to argue with him?  He doesn’t stop so neither will I!  Just keep knitting!

Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Art School Drop Out Edition

Since we talked last week, I wound yarn for a couple new hats.

hand dyed yarn moms yarn yarn cakes yarn porn

The next morning I cast on and set out for work.  There were some diversions along the way.  I worked on the ribbing as I sat on a stoop.

fogknits hat cast on hand dyed yarn cascade 220 ribbing

I started the stockinette body of the hat next to a jukebox.

jukebok knitting

I went back to the bus for the ride home.

knitting in public muni knitting

The next morning, back to work again!  The bus was hideous though, I had to get off.  Might as well knit on a park bench along the way.

knit in public work in progress wednesday

and then I went home again!  Isn’t commuting exciting?

knitting san francisco muni knitting bus ride commuter knitting fogknits

And finally the hat is done!  Now to embellish it.  I started with fish but it turns out sea weed is the only thing I’m good at drawing.  I tried lots of different stuff.  It all needs refinement though.


I would definitely be an art school dropout, assuming I could even make it through the admissions process.  I’m gonna keep working on my fish.  Instead, I decided on Golden Gate Bridge attempt #2.

That’s when picking yarn got complicated.  I narrowed it to three choices.

knitting choices

A case could be made for all three, even after doing the black & white test.

black and white for contrast knitting

I’ve made my decision.  I definitely didn’t go with the safe choice.  Hopefully it works out.   Really though, All this non-knitting but knitting-adjacent stuff has me dying to pick up the needles…my Rockefeller is looking good!

rockefeller clue 2 section 2 westknits knitting mystery knit along sylph jade sapphie cashmere linen blend

Yay Knitting!  I’m picking up the needles in 3…2…1…


FO Friday – The Landmark Series

I have a list of knitting ideas, it’s not short.  It’s pretty much knit all the things.  Everything is always on the list.  I can’t help it…I have big plans (at least when it comes to knitting!)  The list is so long, it’s a miracle anything gets done.  Winnowing down the list is a task that causes paralysis when faced with it’s sheer enormity.

Unless, of course, you keep in mind, it’s just knitting.  There are no knitting police.  I can do anything I want, including re-order the list at will. Twice a day if necessary.

What’s the point?  Early this week, roughly Monday, I had an Idea.  It got added to the list with little fanfare.  There’s so much on the list, I often forget large parts of it.  This idea though, it had legs!  It started marching itself right up the list.  It glommed on to the Hat Binge already in progress.  Smart move.  It made friends with the lonely Surface Crochet idea, a sweet thing to do.  The lynch pin though, parking itself right next to Mom’s Hand Dyed yarn.


Suddenly, there I was, knitting hats on the bus.  This is indeed Mom’s yarn.  It came to me balled up so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the colors.  Turns out it spirals beautifully!  Some people hate this effect but not me, I love it!  Especially for this project — The San Francisco Landmark Series!  It reminds me of the fog rolling in!  I love the fog so this makes me happy!

The finishing touch is a local landmark done in surface crochet!  It’s a fiddly technique but I’m happy with my execution.  My art skills leave something to be desired though.

First, we’ve got Sutro Tower!  It’s a 977 ft antenna on the highest peak in San Francisco.  It’s generally considered to be ugly.  San Franciscans have traditionally hated it but I think the times have changed.  It’s a thing the locals (or those who strive to be local) love now.  Anyone can love the Golden Gate Bridge, after all.  Takes a true aficionado to love Sutro Tower!

I’m okay with it.  I’m even pretty pleased with my version of it!

My Golden Gate Bridge, on the other hand, needs a bit of work.  ggbinprogress

That is not recognizable as the Golden Gate Bridge.  It needs to be wider and just bigger in general.  After finishing the ‘Hat’ Hat, I intentionally went for a small motif.  Not a great choice.  The Golden Gate Bridge is not a trivial little thing.  It can’t be reduced to a little patch.

fogknits golden gate bridge

I know what the Golden Gate Bridge looks like, after all.  I can do better!  I’m happy with one success and one work in progress though.  It’s still only Friday morning, I’ve got time.  This idea has grown leaps and bounds already.  It’s not as though I’ve run out of yarn!  Ha!

Now for shameless, self-promotion!

I’ve updated the shop!   Check it out here…FogKnits on Etsy!

You’ll find Sutro Tower, the Hat Hat and a few more beauties! There’s going to be a shawl update next week!

Thanks for looking!