Another WWSD?

knitting needles us50 us11 7 mm addi click

When I need to take a break from my giant knitting, which is often–that stuff is a workout, I’m turning to a project on tiny, delicate size 11 needles!


It’s another What Would Stephen Do? project.  One of my most worn garments is a WestKnit called Batad.  I’ve got two already but I need at least one for each day of the week.  And so, Batad-esque was born!

12599503_1760467447520110_1234006254_n_medium2 (1)

As usual, there’s a few modifications.  I’m changing the gauge, so all the numbers are adjusted.  Instead of garter stitch sections with welt dividers, I’m doing stockinette sections with garter ridge divisions.  Oddly enough, this means I’m doing one thing Stephen wouldn’t do…leaving out the short row gaps.  It took a couple sections to come to terms with it.

wip wednesday cowl in progress knitting

You can see the untreated short rows pretty clearly in the first section so I decided to ‘go all the way’ with my short rows, wrapping and turning and even picking up the wraps!

Batad stephen west westknit batad modifications

The last section looks so much better.  I’m staying true to my lazy knitter roots though.  I’m not going back to correct the first two sections.  A-it’ll look better after blocking or B-no one will ever notice, certainly not a muggle.  It’s choose your own rationalization day here!

What Would Stephen Do?  In short, change everything and make it up along the way!  So far, I’ve managed pretty well!  I’ve retained the shape of the original garment and this yarn is going to be lovely to wear!  It’s a BlackStone Tweed Chunky from Berroco.  A lovely soft sheep/goat/rabbit trio!   It’s going to be perfect for the impending summer fog!

And perfect weekend knitting!  Instant gratification…here I come!



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