FO – Almost Reyna

reyna shawl anzula milky way nerd girl yarns take the crown

This project got it’s start way back in December.  It started as a Reyna Shawl–a super popular free pattern that hit Ravelry last summer.  It’s a basic triangle shawl that alternates garter stitch and mesh sections.


I got bored with it quickly (through no fault of it’s own.)  Turns out lace mesh is more challenging for me than a complex lace flower motif.  A mistake shows easily in the pattern, which means I’ve gotta pay attention?!?  One side is K2Tog, one side is SSK.  Damned if I can ever remember which side is which.

I added the stripes to keep it interesting but it didn’t work.  Once this project got set aside, it was doomed.  Last week, I decided rather than dread the mesh section in progress, I’d just change it.  Simple as that.  Don’t like it, don’t do it.  Duh.  I’m the boss of my knitting.  I can do what I want.  (sometimes I forget?)


And so, the project was attacked with renewed vigor.  The solution was easy.  WWSD?  What Would Stephen Do?  Stephen West that is.  He’d add a row of giant eyelets.  Naturally.  Followed a few garter ridges and an Icelandic Bind Off (coolest thing ever…check it out, here!)

fogknits reyna modifications anzula fibers nerd girl yarns triangle shawl knitting

I think it worked!  I’m happy with the colors and the size–mesh blocks well!  I’m happy with the modifications!  I’m happy that it’s off the needles, no longer nagging at me to be finished!  And I’m especially happy that I can cast on something new!  Oh yeah!


Almost Reyna Shawl Details:  My Ravelry Page

Pre-Modification Pattern:  Reyna Shawl

Yarn:  Anzula Milky Way  and Nerd Girl Yarns Bound & Stomp

Modifications:  Added the giant eyelets by (K8, YO x5) across the row, on the next row I K1, P1 into each YO.   Worked a few garter ridges.  Icelandic Bind Off.



  1. AndreSue

    I love it! WWSD! :D

    It’s so true that we are the boss of our own knitting! It’s sometimes hard for me to follow directions because I have my own ideas about the direction of a project which makes me a TERRIBLE test knitter! :P

    Great job on the shawl! It’s really beautiful! <3

    Liked by 1 person

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