I did it…I frogged yesterday’s progress.  Poor execution planted that seed in my brain.  I had several mistakes stacked up, early on.  Blocking could hide the blunders easily!  Hello Rationalization!

It still nagged at me though.  It’s a bit like plucking hairs.  The anticipation of the pain is the worst part.  Once it’s over though, you’re glad that nasty little bugger is gone.  So without much thought, I did it…ripped the needle out in one swift movement.  Within a minute, it was all gone.

Now to rebuild.  I thought this was a simple plan, a basic top down triangle.  Turns out, you  can always edit.  My personal area of weakness…I have a kitchen sink approach.  I try to throw every trick I can at a project.

In this case, it doesn’t seem like a lot of tricks but… i-cord tab, provisional cast on, complicated increases, i-cord edging, stripes and a gradient.  Yeah, there’s lots of room for editing here.  The key to this shawl is the gradient, so highlight that and throw everything else out.  No more fancy i-cord tab with a provisional cast on.  I was only doing that to match the i-cord edge…got rid of that too!


I’m left with a refined look, instead of a cluttered mess.  What I’ve got now really is a basic top down triangle.  It’s two row stripes, increasing at each edge, every time and increasing on both sides of the center marker, every other row.   Using KFB as my increase because this is garter stitch…let’s not over think it!

The funny part is, I seem to have refined my design but ultimately, I haven’t changed my shape.  I’ve still got the same mistake in the same spot.  Yes, I definitely recall counting my stitches.  That’s always a bad move.  It can only lead to trouble.  I hate counting but something compelled me to do it anyway.  And it was off.  Of course my stitch count was off.  This is why I don’t count.

Once it’s been discovered though, something has to be done.  So, I compensated, to even my sides, by skipping an increase.  and it shows!  D’oh.  I did make a ‘mistake’…but it was entirely on purpose.  This time I don’t frog though.  Right now I’m telling myself blocking will erase that.

(ha!  as if I block garter stitch?  There’s gonna be a half million stitches here…who’s gonna notice!??!)






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