Something New

Time for casting on.  Sure, I could finish a project that’s been languishing for months like the Southern Skies shawl.


It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished and it’s not going to finish itself.  It’s just such a pain, beads and 19 pages of charts…not today, thank you.

I did manage one mitten on the ride to Lake Tahoe.  I could whip up it’s mate but I’m not going to need mittens until next year when we do it again.

IMG_6703 (1)

I’m actually thinking of frogging this one and doing something else with the yarn.  There are still hats to be knit, if you can believe that!

Maybe it’s time to swatch for a sweater.  I want a summer sweater, something light and cottony.

pima splash swatch

Meh.  Nice yarn, just not feeling it.  Let’s try a shawl, I always want to knit shawls!  That’s the ticket…

cephalopod gradient kit

This is a Cephalopod Bugga gradient set from 3 Stitches ago and a grey Neighborhood Fiber Company skein from Rhinebeck.  Definitely time for these lovelies to hit the needles!  Not doing anything crazy, I want this yarn to speak for itself.  It’s just a basic top down triangle with two row stripes and an i-cord edge.

It meets all the bus knitting requirements.

bus knitting

Something is still off though.  Apparently this isn’t ‘just’ a basic triangle.  It’s more of an irregular polygon at the moment.  Even that may be a stretch.


This may get a frogging, not because it’s a bad idea, but the initial execution has been pretty sloppy.  A restart may be in order.  Then again, blocking can work that out.

Either way, I need to be on the bus in an hour.  That’s not much time for a logical, well thought out decision.  Oh the pressure, I hope I make it!  ;)




    1. FogKnits

      One day, I’ll finish the purple, it’s going to be gorgeous but each row is currently 8 pages long on the chart! Lol! It requires a special system to shuffle that much but still keep it all in order.

      I need a page turner like piano players have!

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