Tahoe Round Up

It’s finally here!! It’s been in the works for six months.  Somehow, the time passed both with lightening speed and at a snail’s pace.  Tomorrow I leave for a weekend of bluegrass and friends at Lake Tahoe!  As I make the lists and go over the mental packing, I think I’ve got all the knitting done…


I knit all the hats and maybe even have a spare or two!  There will be no cold heads on my watch!

There’s a little of everything in this pile, an acrylic hatthree hats from Imperial Yarns 2-Ply Roving, a scrappy cashmere hat, two Grateful Dead Hats, a Railroad Earth hat, a Greensky Bluegrass hat, a KISS hata uv active hat that changes color in the sun and the newest addition to the pile…


…a hat made with cassette tape!  The pattern is a design of my own, found here:  Tapehead Hat.  I just love the sparkle of cassette tape.   My inner raccoon can’t resist!

Thankfully Mother Nature is cooperating.  Cassette tape isn’t exactly a warm fiber…but temps are expected to be in the mid-50’s!  Perfect!  And I don’t have to worry about the bonus knitting that didn’t get finished.  My second Doodler still isn’t finished.  I swatched for a pair of mittens that are not cast on yet and I was hoping to have started a new sweater by now.


That’s the pile going with.  I’m packing the knitting first, naturally.  I may have to throw in a little something else, just in case.  Monday is awfully far away and I’m certain I’ll finish The Doodler today.  I’m only 200 yards of sport weight plus 5 hours of i-cord bind off away.  That means during tomorrow’s 3-hour car ride, I’ll absolutely whip out a pair of mittens.  I’ll swatch for the sweater before we’ve even had our first cocktail.  Then what…???

I probably need MOAR YARN, yes!?!  Back to the stash I go…


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