Sequence Shawl FO’d


My Sequence Shawl is done!  Inspired by the Sequence Knitting book, this shawl delivered everything it promised…A complex, reversible fabric that is easy to create!  If you follow me on Instagram (I’m FogKnits there too!), you’ll be familiar with this one already…it was the perfect commute knitting!

The Sequence Knitting concept is simple, pick a sequence (K4, P4 in my case) and repeat it within the framework of your shape.  I’m an asymmetric triangle lover, who isn’t?  So I inadvertently designed one of the patterns in the book, Delta Wing.  Once I realized that, the finishing became obvious…I needed an i-cord bind off in a pop color!


Yellow is apparently starting to grow on me?!?  I’m loving this!


As usual, the project has inspired approximately a zillion new ideas to try…a solid color with a really long sequence, K15, P15 maybe.  A shawl with a center spine that divides two different sequences.  A striped something where each stripe has it’s own sequence.   I did this bottom up, but top down is always an option.   This was a straight 1-row knit, if the sequence was incomplete at the end of the row, that was okay.  I definitely want to try the serpentine method, if you end a row at K3, you carry the remaining K1, P4 to the beginning of the next row.   I’m super curious what the result would be changing only that parameter.

So much knitting, so little time. I can’t decide what would be better…my own army of knitting Minions or Molly Weasley’s enchanted needles?


Details:   My Ravelry Project Page

Pattern:  My Own Design

Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo



  1. Talya

    I think I’d want Molly’s enchanted needles. With an army of minions- you’d have to feed them, and make sure they don’t fight or poke each other’s eyes out with the needles… it’s too much hassle.

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