FO Friday – a not so magic hat

F is for a lot of things.  Friday.  Fun.  Fabulous.  Today, though, F is for Frenemies.  That’s the nicest thing I can say about this FO.  We’re not Friends but I’m trying really hard to not hate it. I don’t think it’s working though.


This is Abracadabra (UV Active yarn) Hat 2.  Here’s the first one to recap!

As you can see, I tried to do things the ‘right’ way, blocking and all that.

abracadabra stripes

Turns out polypropylene doesn’t block.  Who knew?  I had a sneaking suspicion but I was trying to ignore it.  I was really hoping.  I really wanted it to work.  Alas, it did not.  This is not the hat I envisioned.

in the sun

I did get the color right though!  If the textures weren’t so distracting, it might be perfect.


Staring into the sun doesn’t give me a happy face but for what it’s worth, I think its a better looking hat when it’s on a head.  Maybe I’ll change my mind.

Until then, I’ll take the blame for this failure.  I knew it was polypropylene when I started.  If I’d picked a yarn that was a better gauge match, it may have been better.  I picked based on color, my bad!  Maybe a more textured stitch, instead of stockinette which shows every imperfection.  Maybe something like a dropped stitch that emphasizes loose and open OR an incredibly tight stitch to force it into place.  I hit the middle, not really loose or tight.  Maybe crochet is a better use of this yarn.  Or maybe not mixing it with wool, just keeping it to itself.

There’s lots of alternatives to try.  I still have a little bit left…it’s the longest 100 yard skein ever, so there’s that!  ha!



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