WIP Wednesday – The Doodler

The doodling continues.  Slowly, due to constant hat making but still, progress!  It’s 400ish stitches right now, making it hard to stretch out.


That didn’t stop me from trying though!  It’s going to be epic when it’s finished!

I’m on Wedge 2 of Clue 3!  I’m pretty much knitting to the end of the ball and binding off.  I think I’ll do the basic i-cord bind off in dark blue and skip the picots.  I leave for Tahoe in 8 days.  It would be great to have this done by then.  I’m trying to squeeze a pair of mittens in before then too.  And oh yeah, at least two more hats.  Anybody have a few extra hours I can borrow this week?




  1. Midnight Knitter

    OK, I am experiencing Doodler guilt. My Doodler is languishing in the stash… I picked the colors, wound the yarn and then got sucked down a black yarn hole knitting mitts and socks. Eventually I’ll get going on it. I love your colors and it is looking great!!

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    1. FogKnits

      I’m trying not to feel guilty about this one :) It’s been on the needles since November! I’m trying to motivate myself through it with a reward at the end…I get to cast on another shawl in a cashmere-linen blend! It’s one that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple years, I’ve had the yarn wound for over a month!

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  2. Talya

    When trying to photograph the blanket I was working on last year- I knit half the stitches onto a another circular needle of the same size. That gave me enough leeway to stretch out the project so you could see all of it:

    I just continued that row on two circular needles, then on the next row- I knit all of the stitches back on to one needle to finish the project. You can also use waste yarn, if you need to stretch out a project, so people can see it’s full loveliness. (I just hate knitting from waste yarn.)

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