More Sequence Knitting

The sequence shawl I started last week is making good progress!


It’s proven itself to be the perfect on-the-go project for the bus and social settings.  It’s just about to graduate to a 40″ cord!

SO, when the latest hat was not working out how I wanted it to, I thought about sequence knitting as the answer to that problem too!


So far, so good!

I’m working K2,P2 over a multiple of 4 + 2.  The pattern is a sort of broken rib.  Had I worked the same sequence over a multiple of 4 + 1, I’d have a spiral instead.  Maybe that’ll be the next one.  I’m seeing endless stashbusting potential here.  Simple 2 row stripes become fascinatingly complex with the addition of a little texture.    I can’t wait to try more combinations.  I certainly have the stash to bust!

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