Cashmere as a Lifestyle Concept

Or, here at FogKnits’ HQ what we call … FO Monday!


Stashbusting and hat knitting continue.  I was worried about this one from the onset.  I knew I was going to run out of yarn.  I didn’t have time to plan a graceful way around it.  Color block it was.  Ultimately, I think it worked!


The pom pom really ties it all together!


The details are sparse.  there’s no pattern.  I just winged it.  It’s a classic roll brim hat, just cast on and knit.  The yarn combo is what makes it  — Superior Cashmere, a lace weight cashmere and silk blend which I held double with Panda Silk, a bamboo, merino, silk blend.  I love this combo, soft, warm, fuzzy, shiny, all with gorgeous drape.

As always, I’ll take one for the team and keep it for myself, if the intended recipient hates it!  Fingers crossed ;)


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