The uncooperative black hat is taking a swim while it waits to be embellished.  The hat train is slowing but there are still more hats to knit!  Next up, a white hat to balance things out.  It’ll only be a white hat part of the time though.  It’s UV active yarn!


It turns purple in the sun!  Nothing is too gimmicky for me!  It’s called Abracadabra from Skacel and I love it!


I haven’t decided what my design is going to be.  I’m just excited for a hat that’s all white inside and magically has a purple design on it when you’re outside!!   I like the idea of a traditional design, something fair isle or maybe a Norwegian star motif!  First I need to stash dive and find a nice white background!  You know, any excuse to pull all the yarn out!


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