Tahoe Round Up

It’s finally here!! It’s been in the works for six months.  Somehow, the time passed both with lightening speed and at a snail’s pace.  Tomorrow I leave for a weekend of bluegrass and friends at Lake Tahoe!  As I make the lists and go over the mental packing, I think I’ve got all the knitting done…


I knit all the hats and maybe even have a spare or two!  There will be no cold heads on my watch!

There’s a little of everything in this pile, an acrylic hatthree hats from Imperial Yarns 2-Ply Roving, a scrappy cashmere hat, two Grateful Dead Hats, a Railroad Earth hat, a Greensky Bluegrass hat, a KISS hata uv active hat that changes color in the sun and the newest addition to the pile…


…a hat made with cassette tape!  The pattern is a design of my own, found here:  Tapehead Hat.  I just love the sparkle of cassette tape.   My inner raccoon can’t resist!

Thankfully Mother Nature is cooperating.  Cassette tape isn’t exactly a warm fiber…but temps are expected to be in the mid-50’s!  Perfect!  And I don’t have to worry about the bonus knitting that didn’t get finished.  My second Doodler still isn’t finished.  I swatched for a pair of mittens that are not cast on yet and I was hoping to have started a new sweater by now.


That’s the pile going with.  I’m packing the knitting first, naturally.  I may have to throw in a little something else, just in case.  Monday is awfully far away and I’m certain I’ll finish The Doodler today.  I’m only 200 yards of sport weight plus 5 hours of i-cord bind off away.  That means during tomorrow’s 3-hour car ride, I’ll absolutely whip out a pair of mittens.  I’ll swatch for the sweater before we’ve even had our first cocktail.  Then what…???

I probably need MOAR YARN, yes!?!  Back to the stash I go…

Sequence Shawl FO’d


My Sequence Shawl is done!  Inspired by the Sequence Knitting book, this shawl delivered everything it promised…A complex, reversible fabric that is easy to create!  If you follow me on Instagram (I’m FogKnits there too!), you’ll be familiar with this one already…it was the perfect commute knitting!

The Sequence Knitting concept is simple, pick a sequence (K4, P4 in my case) and repeat it within the framework of your shape.  I’m an asymmetric triangle lover, who isn’t?  So I inadvertently designed one of the patterns in the book, Delta Wing.  Once I realized that, the finishing became obvious…I needed an i-cord bind off in a pop color!


Yellow is apparently starting to grow on me?!?  I’m loving this!


As usual, the project has inspired approximately a zillion new ideas to try…a solid color with a really long sequence, K15, P15 maybe.  A shawl with a center spine that divides two different sequences.  A striped something where each stripe has it’s own sequence.   I did this bottom up, but top down is always an option.   This was a straight 1-row knit, if the sequence was incomplete at the end of the row, that was okay.  I definitely want to try the serpentine method, if you end a row at K3, you carry the remaining K1, P4 to the beginning of the next row.   I’m super curious what the result would be changing only that parameter.

So much knitting, so little time. I can’t decide what would be better…my own army of knitting Minions or Molly Weasley’s enchanted needles?


Details:   My Ravelry Project Page

Pattern:  My Own Design

Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo


FO Friday – a not so magic hat

F is for a lot of things.  Friday.  Fun.  Fabulous.  Today, though, F is for Frenemies.  That’s the nicest thing I can say about this FO.  We’re not Friends but I’m trying really hard to not hate it. I don’t think it’s working though.


This is Abracadabra (UV Active yarn) Hat 2.  Here’s the first one to recap!

As you can see, I tried to do things the ‘right’ way, blocking and all that.

abracadabra stripes

Turns out polypropylene doesn’t block.  Who knew?  I had a sneaking suspicion but I was trying to ignore it.  I was really hoping.  I really wanted it to work.  Alas, it did not.  This is not the hat I envisioned.

in the sun

I did get the color right though!  If the textures weren’t so distracting, it might be perfect.


Staring into the sun doesn’t give me a happy face but for what it’s worth, I think its a better looking hat when it’s on a head.  Maybe I’ll change my mind.

Until then, I’ll take the blame for this failure.  I knew it was polypropylene when I started.  If I’d picked a yarn that was a better gauge match, it may have been better.  I picked based on color, my bad!  Maybe a more textured stitch, instead of stockinette which shows every imperfection.  Maybe something like a dropped stitch that emphasizes loose and open OR an incredibly tight stitch to force it into place.  I hit the middle, not really loose or tight.  Maybe crochet is a better use of this yarn.  Or maybe not mixing it with wool, just keeping it to itself.

There’s lots of alternatives to try.  I still have a little bit left…it’s the longest 100 yard skein ever, so there’s that!  ha!


WIP Wednesday – The Doodler

The doodling continues.  Slowly, due to constant hat making but still, progress!  It’s 400ish stitches right now, making it hard to stretch out.


That didn’t stop me from trying though!  It’s going to be epic when it’s finished!

I’m on Wedge 2 of Clue 3!  I’m pretty much knitting to the end of the ball and binding off.  I think I’ll do the basic i-cord bind off in dark blue and skip the picots.  I leave for Tahoe in 8 days.  It would be great to have this done by then.  I’m trying to squeeze a pair of mittens in before then too.  And oh yeah, at least two more hats.  Anybody have a few extra hours I can borrow this week?



FO Sunday – Sequence Hat


The hat streak continues!  This is the third hat and the third giant pom pom from these two balls of yarn, Imperial Yarn Pencil Roving.  I love this stuff!  The yardage is amazing!


I’ve even got a little bit left.  It’s a two ply that isn’t plied.  I think I may have enough to squeeze one more hat out of this yarn if I separate the plies and use smaller needles.  All of these hats were knit on 13s, so I’ve got a few other sizes I could try!


I just winged the pattern.  I took inspiration from Sequence Knitting, working a K2,P2 sequence over a multiple of 4 + 2.  The +2 is what gave me columns.  If I’d worked a multiple of 4 + 1 or a multiple of 4 + 3, the result would be a spiral.



Maybe that’s what I’ll try with the separated plies, it would round out the set nicely!  I love it when a plan comes together!!


FO Friday – Magic Hat


I had to wait two weeks for the sun to come out but the wait is over!  Abracadabra really does change color!  I knit a boring white hat and duplicate stitched the design on.


I completely hated it!  I was ready to throw it in the discard pile. Until…


Yay!  That’s so much better. I totally love it now.  I can’t resist a yarn with a good gimmick!

I think I’ve got enough left for a striped hat.  It would be fun to go the other direction, knit a striped hat that turns solid purple when you go outside.  Finding the right purple is tricky but spring pastels are out in force.  I might get lucky!  I’ll keep ya posted!



More Sequence Knitting

The sequence shawl I started last week is making good progress!


It’s proven itself to be the perfect on-the-go project for the bus and social settings.  It’s just about to graduate to a 40″ cord!

SO, when the latest hat was not working out how I wanted it to, I thought about sequence knitting as the answer to that problem too!


So far, so good!

I’m working K2,P2 over a multiple of 4 + 2.  The pattern is a sort of broken rib.  Had I worked the same sequence over a multiple of 4 + 1, I’d have a spiral instead.  Maybe that’ll be the next one.  I’m seeing endless stashbusting potential here.  Simple 2 row stripes become fascinatingly complex with the addition of a little texture.    I can’t wait to try more combinations.  I certainly have the stash to bust!

Cashmere as a Lifestyle Concept

Or, here at FogKnits’ HQ what we call … FO Monday!


Stashbusting and hat knitting continue.  I was worried about this one from the onset.  I knew I was going to run out of yarn.  I didn’t have time to plan a graceful way around it.  Color block it was.  Ultimately, I think it worked!


The pom pom really ties it all together!


The details are sparse.  there’s no pattern.  I just winged it.  It’s a classic roll brim hat, just cast on and knit.  The yarn combo is what makes it  — Superior Cashmere, a lace weight cashmere and silk blend which I held double with Panda Silk, a bamboo, merino, silk blend.  I love this combo, soft, warm, fuzzy, shiny, all with gorgeous drape.

As always, I’ll take one for the team and keep it for myself, if the intended recipient hates it!  Fingers crossed ;)

FO Friday

I WIP’d on Wednesday and now it’s Friday and I’ve got an FO?!  A stopped watch is still right twice a day, eh?

This is not just any FO either, this humble project started as a problem (a bleeding yarn problem) but it may be FO of the Year!

It still bled…

but I expected it and prepared for the situation appropriately (I love Synthrapol!)

First time I’ve ever blocked a Hitchhiker but I added an eyelet row, so it was called for.  It’s a great modification to an already terrific pattern.  On row 8, BO 5, K1, (YO, K2tog) to last stitch, KFB.  Love it!  Easy to remember, easy to execute, gives even more of a helping hand to potentially messy variegation.  Everything fell into place just right with this FO.


and then, I got to wear it!

cotton candy hitchhiker tosh merino light

(That’s not me, DUH!)

I might be a pink gal after all.  It surprises me every time, despite making perfect sense.  My wardrobe contains NO pink.  That makes pink the perfect pop color for me, without fail, every time.  I always hate hearing it and I always act surprised but I should know better by now.  A little pink does me good.

So, (for now), I am declaring this FO of the Year and keeping it out of the gift pile!