Everyday is FO Day!

Turns out, I thrive with structure and scheduling.  I’m sure that explain my love of knitting–rows & columns are the definition of structure!  Jobs also provide a lovely habitual structure that I enjoy.  And, so far, my transition back to Working Stiff has gone great!  I’ve found my daily groove.  The schedule has fallen into place, including plenty of time to knit!


While I mostly hate the bus–the crowds, the smells, the noise–loud cellphone conversations and now it seems, streaming video–UGH!  I do enjoy dedicated knitting time.  Simple knitting on small projects at regular intervals results in lots and lots of instant gratification!  I really dislike riding the bus but I am loving the constant productivity.  And all the new FOs…like this cowl!

It looks a lot like the cowl I sent Mom for her birthday.  The yarn is the leftovers from that project, YOTH Yarns Big Sister Puppies.  The pattern is very similar as well, but I made one crucial modification.  I swapped out the original, more complicated lace pattern for an easier, bus friendly lace pattern.    The resulting mash-up practically knit itself!   Here’s my Ravelry page with all the details!  I used the shaping of Adama with the mesh pattern of Summer Flies.

At this rate, I think I’ll actually put a dent in the stash this year!



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