FO – Greensky Bluegrass


The hat binge continues!  This hat marks a first for me…knit entirely on the bus and at work!  My bus ride is 2 miles, turns out that’s actually a lot of knitting time in city traffic!

The inspiration for this hat is one of my favorite bands, Greensky Bluegrass!  (See what I did there!?)  They’ll be at the outdoor festival I’m going to, up at Lake Tahoe in a month!  I expected to add a bit of text to this hat but it didn’t look right.  I’m still contemplating an embellishment, maybe a banjo done in surface crochet?

Then again, I like the subtle reference.  It’s just a hat, unless you’re really observant!  Plus, it’s Tosh Merino, ohhhh so soft…I don’t know if I’ll actually take it off long enough to embellish it.


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