Back on The Doodle


After a hiatus of several months, I’ve picked my second Doodler back up.  My enthusiasm for WestKnits’ MKALs definitely got the best of me back in November!   I had no reason to start #2 but I’m so glad I did.  I can’t wait to have a second Doodler!  I’ve been toiling away every spare moment this week…

After a series of lunches that all looked the same…(thank you, winter!)…


I’ve got this to show for it!  I’ve been so frantically knitting away, this is first I’ve stopped to look at it!  Yes, Doodler…I love you!  Of course, using MadTosh’s Pashmina doesn’t hurt either!  The Clue 2 cables are moving quickly!

I can’t wait to add my third color, a springy green called Grasshopper.  Perfect for San Francisco these days!  (sorry to everyone suffering from winter the onslaught of winter recently!)


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