A Re-FO’d Hat


I reknit Mom’s hat easily!  A few short hours of knitting.  Followed by three days of indecision over the decorative touches!  This is an on-going theme lately.  On the original hat, the bling was all on the fur band.  The little crystals got lost in the long fur so this was my chance to remedy that!


I was pleased with the improvement but not wowed!  After three days of deep thought I decided to change it.  Now I’ve got this…


Again, happy with the improvement but it’s not a Eureka! moment.  Whatever, maybe I’m over thinking it.  That’s certainly advice I give knitters all the time.   So I officially declare, it’s done!  It’s a lovely hat.  My idea of perfect is the only thing that needs to change here.

On the other hand, I also say, if you aren’t happy with it, change it.  Just do it.  You don’t like it, just change it.  Why finish something you aren’t going to like or wear.  With that in mind, I’m changing the buttons on my sweater.  I’ve been dithering over that for too long as well.  Enough wishy-washy nonsense!  This week has no idea what’s about to hit it…I am making decisions!  Watch out!


    1. FogKnits

      That’s how the original hat was. The little crystals got lost in the length of the fur though. I even sewed buttons first and the sewed the crystals on top of the buttons to add height. That helped but not enough! Who knows maybe I’ll end up doing it a third time and go back to that!

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      1. littleblackdogsa

        Aha, now I totally understand your thinking about moving them “up” onto the red. Makes perfect sense. They do look very smart on the knitted red hat. :) I think you are on the right track for sure.


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