The Fine Print

Because I find it impossible to work in a linear fashion and because every contract has fine print, today, instead of sewing my new favorite buttons onto my new favorite cardigan, I’m starting a new project!

The fine print I refer to, is the fine print of the knitworthy list.  There is one, sure-fire way to get on the list.  It’s a highly restricted category, a very narrow field.   It really goes without saying, it’s so obvious.  If you squeezed me out of your body, you’re on the list.  It’s a given, yes?  Mom is on the list. Who can say no to Mom?  Not me, at least…not all the time!  Sometimes, she even gets unexpectedly bumped to the top.


This is the hat I gave Mom two years ago for Christmas.  It’s trimmed with real rabbit fur!  Sorry vegans, this isn’t for you.  I’m not really a fan of the fur industry so I think of this yarn as recycling!  It’s made from what would otherwise be waste, at european meat packing plants.   I wonder if the same can be said for cheeseburgers & leather shoes?   But, only one tangent at a time, that’s for another day.


Today, I’m recycling the fur yet again!  Mom’s hat developed a suspicious hole.  Instead of repairing it, I decided to re-do it entirely!  I’ve still got some of the original yarn, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

Somehow, I put fancy Swarovski filigrees on the hat but never took a picture of it??  Naturally, I saved those for recycling too!  It is kind of fun to revisit this project without investing any more money into it!  I should probably be sipping champagne right now.  I’ll just enjoy my stephen + penelope project bag instead!

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