An Unexpected Snag


Something is amiss, I haven’t finished a hat since Friday?!?  I should be flying through this one but for some reason, it’s tripping me up!  I couldn’t get the 2×2 ribbing to flow.  Without fail, I’d K2, P2, K1, P2…ooopps, go back and fix it.  K2, P2, K2, P1, K1, P1…oopps, fix that too.  P2, K2, P1, K2…damn, how did that happen again?  P2, K2, P2, K3…repeat!

Maybe it’s using black, I almost never do.  Maybe it’s using size 2 needles, I almost never do.  Maybe it’s the ribbing, clearly my hands wanted to do 1×1.  I’m alternating skeins to hid a second dye lot, maybe that’s it?

Whatever the case, I’m determined to finish it.  I truncated the ribbed and have moved on to the stockinette body!  It’s going better now.  Perhaps Leap Day is all I needed, a little extra time to work out the kinks!  I can’t wait for this one to be finished.  It’s gonna be good!


FO Haturday

FO Friday has poor timing.  It’s not my fault I can’t follow convention!  If Friday had a different place on the calendar, FO Friday would totally be a thing around here.  Instead, I’ve got FO Haturday!  And, I’ve decided to not stop knitting hats!


I grabbed all the Highland Duo, Cascade’s 70 Alpaca/30 Merino blend, in the stash and this is what happened.  I wasn’t sure the colors were going to  work but I’m pleased.  Along the way, I decided this hat should really have a little bill on it.   I want it to be brown, which means that’s the color I’m out of, naturally.   I’m gonna think on it for a bit.


Inspector Rocky thinks the choices are so egregious he refuses to participate in the discussion any longer.  He’s never been that helpful, anyway.


The hat train waits for no feline!  The next hat is already in progress and it’s gonna be good!!!  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for several years now!  And the hat after that has been plucked from the stash as well.   Stashbusting WOOOO!



Everyday is FO Day!

Turns out, I thrive with structure and scheduling.  I’m sure that explain my love of knitting–rows & columns are the definition of structure!  Jobs also provide a lovely habitual structure that I enjoy.  And, so far, my transition back to Working Stiff has gone great!  I’ve found my daily groove.  The schedule has fallen into place, including plenty of time to knit!


While I mostly hate the bus–the crowds, the smells, the noise–loud cellphone conversations and now it seems, streaming video–UGH!  I do enjoy dedicated knitting time.  Simple knitting on small projects at regular intervals results in lots and lots of instant gratification!  I really dislike riding the bus but I am loving the constant productivity.  And all the new FOs…like this cowl!

It looks a lot like the cowl I sent Mom for her birthday.  The yarn is the leftovers from that project, YOTH Yarns Big Sister Puppies.  The pattern is very similar as well, but I made one crucial modification.  I swapped out the original, more complicated lace pattern for an easier, bus friendly lace pattern.    The resulting mash-up practically knit itself!   Here’s my Ravelry page with all the details!  I used the shaping of Adama with the mesh pattern of Summer Flies.

At this rate, I think I’ll actually put a dent in the stash this year!


FO – Greensky Bluegrass


The hat binge continues!  This hat marks a first for me…knit entirely on the bus and at work!  My bus ride is 2 miles, turns out that’s actually a lot of knitting time in city traffic!

The inspiration for this hat is one of my favorite bands, Greensky Bluegrass!  (See what I did there!?)  They’ll be at the outdoor festival I’m going to, up at Lake Tahoe in a month!  I expected to add a bit of text to this hat but it didn’t look right.  I’m still contemplating an embellishment, maybe a banjo done in surface crochet?

Then again, I like the subtle reference.  It’s just a hat, unless you’re really observant!  Plus, it’s Tosh Merino, ohhhh so soft…I don’t know if I’ll actually take it off long enough to embellish it.

Back on The Doodle


After a hiatus of several months, I’ve picked my second Doodler back up.  My enthusiasm for WestKnits’ MKALs definitely got the best of me back in November!   I had no reason to start #2 but I’m so glad I did.  I can’t wait to have a second Doodler!  I’ve been toiling away every spare moment this week…

After a series of lunches that all looked the same…(thank you, winter!)…


I’ve got this to show for it!  I’ve been so frantically knitting away, this is first I’ve stopped to look at it!  Yes, Doodler…I love you!  Of course, using MadTosh’s Pashmina doesn’t hurt either!  The Clue 2 cables are moving quickly!

I can’t wait to add my third color, a springy green called Grasshopper.  Perfect for San Francisco these days!  (sorry to everyone suffering from winter the onslaught of winter recently!)