Being Knitworthy

Every knitter has it — the knitworthy list.

It’s always been hard to get on my list and it’s only gotten harder as the years pass.  Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I want to or that I ever will, so don’t ask!  That’s rule #1 of being knitworthy.  Coincidentally, it’s also rule #2 of Fight Club being knitworthy, DON’T ASK.

So how does one become knitworthy?  First you have to realize that knitting takes time, a whole lotta precious time, it takes patience and time, to do it right.  You also have to realize that it takes money, a whole lotta spending money, plenty of money, to do it right. (And it helps if you know that’s a George Harrison reference!)

After that, it’s like winning the lottery.  You need to be at the place where my inspiration, your birthday and jupiter all align.  Once you’re on the knitworthy list though, there are some things you can do stay on the list, like show your appreciation through photos!  I love seeing my knits in action shots.

I was blessed this weekend with lots of knitterly appreciation!  First, my sister sent me pictures of her silly, dress-up loving cats in their new hats…


As if that didn’t tickle my fancy enough, I was treated to an entire album of photos featuring my old pal Roscoe.  Roscoe went to live with a little friend of mine.  Little Friend’s Dad went on a business trip to Shanghai and Roscoe tagged along, Flat Stanley style!

Roscoe went sightseeing.  He went to restaurants.  He went to work.  He posed for pictures with all of Dad’s coworkers…several times over!  Yes, Roscoe had a grand old time.

And that, my friends, is how you stay on the knitworthy list!  It takes serious commitment but then again, so does knitting!



    1. FogKnits

      Admittedly, there are people on my list I’ve tried to knit for and just haven’t managed to make it work. That’s part of the fine print, getting on the list doesn’t even guarantee results! LOL!


    1. FogKnits

      My sister’s cats are used to playing dress up but actually, my cat tolerated it better than expected. I could get two minutes out of him! That’s enough for a quick photo :) This is definitely not lounge wear!

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  1. alexand knits

    You described the randomness of hitting the knitworthy jackpot perfectly. You’ve got to appreciate hand knits AND happen to want whatever it is I happen to want to knit…which is not terribly predictable. My wife always wants me to knit all this stuff that I have zero interest in, like giant knits on PVC needles or crazy gag gifts that wouldn’t even get used. She’s knitworthy otherwise, just not in sync with what I actually want to make.

    Liked by 1 person

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