Sleeve Delusions


I managed to pull myself away from knitting cute critters long enough to start my cardigan sleeve.  It didn’t last long though.  I just can’t resist this cute little guinea pig!  I had to cast on!  My sleeve was growing quickly.  In no time at all I had the first sleeve half done!   I deserved a little guinea pig break.


Or maybe not!  Despite everything I know I about math, significant figures and rounding, I convinced myself 30% of a sleeve was ‘half done’.  (and I’d probably rounded from 27% to 30%)  D’oh!

So, I’m back at it.  I put the toy book away.  I’ve decided I have about two hours of knitting left on this sleeve.  That’s nothing!  I can definitely finish it today.  After 15 minutes (rounded up from 12, naturally) I got distracted and started doing something else.  D’oh!

For at least the third time today, I’m back at it.  What I’m lacking in focus, I’m making up for with determination.  For at least the next 7.5 minutes.  (Fingers crossed I make it to 5!)


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