FO Tuesday – Rainbow Hat


It’s Tuesday and I’m still not waiting for Friday to give this hat the FO treatment!  I love it too much.  I can’t wait to wear it!   The yarn is Lionbrand Acrylic Bon Bons.  Despite the fact that I’m a total yarn snob, I couldn’t resist the rainbow fun.  Each bon bon pack comes with 8 tiny little balls…28 yards of adorable each!


The pattern was fun to knit too!  It’s a 1×1 ribbing and slip stitch combo that appears striped on one side and spotted on the other.  A non-matching but equally beautiful reversible stitch that is easy to execute (sorry this eliminates you double knitting!) is so rare!

I’ve decided I like the stripes out with the spots turns up (on the left).  Both the spots & the stripes read better on the left.  The hat on the right is fun but there’s a lot going on–big wonky slipped stitches, loosey goosey purl stitches.  I think a wash & fluff will improve it all!

Give it a try yourself! It’s worked in the round, over a multiple of four.  Two rounds of K1, P1 in color A followed by two rounds of sl1 wyib, P1, K1, P1 in color B.




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