FO Monday – Hitchhiker!


Turns out, I’m no good at waiting so I give you yet another Monday FO.  I’ll already be on to the next FO by Friday.  Hopefully!


It’s a Hitchhiker!  A huge Hitchhiker!  This is the same section of fence I always use for modeling shawls and it’s too short by a significant amount this time!  This is 700 yards of worsted weight.  And I still didn’t get to 42 points…this bad boy only has 38.  I doubt I’ll ever ‘complete’ a Hitchhiker if we’re being technical about it.

The yarn is non-superwash Rhythm from Jojoland.   I really enjoyed knitting this Hitchhiker from the superwash Rhythm so when I saw this yarn in the donation pile at knitting night, I snagged it.  I don’t usually get excited about neutrals, especially not boring old beige but this colorway really did it for me!  Sometimes a bold pop of neutral is just what’s necessary to cut through all that rainbow clown barf?!  It’s gradient beige so there’s at least a little bit of excitement.

I assumed this would go into the gift pile but it seems to have taken a liking to me.  I may have to keep this one.



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