Addicted to Bulky Yarn!


My Vivido Cardigan grows by leaps and bounds every time I pick it up!  I’ve joined the second ball of Kathmandu Chunky and prepped for the sleeve divide!   That’s 142 yards to get to the sleeve divide!  Amazing!  I’m really having a moment with bulky yarn this week!

I finished my  bulky hat in the blink of an eye!  It’s hard to argue with the instant gratification factor!  Pleased with my hat, I decided I needed a sweater quantity of the yarn, Imperial Yarns Bulky Pencil Roving!


I picked this lovely sage green.

And then I went to see Star Wars.  Finally!  All the working stiffs had to get back to the office so I had the theater to myself!   It seems the last two minutes got a lot of attention, justifiably.  It was the moment everyone was waiting for.  I thought it lived up to the hype, delivering the character development and the sweet pangs of nostalgia everyone hoped for.  Blah blah blah.  It was good.  But did you see what she was wearing???


A WELTED VEST?!!?  I’ve wanted a welted vest for many moons.  I’ve passed it up for a welted skirt, sweaters with sleeves and way too many cat mohawks.   And then I looked at the new stash acquisition.  It was so obvious.  Meant to be, clearly.  Now to make it happen…

…If only my hands could keep up with all my ideas.


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