Knitting Resolution!

I had lots of ideas for a knitting resolution this year.  None of them grabbed me though.  It’s not enough to just decide, my heart needs to be in it!  After giving it very serious thought, I’ve finally come up with a worthy goal!  I’m going to retake the blue ribbon at the county fair!


Way back in 2011, I double-knit a rainbow, peace sign hat.  It hit all the right notes for Marin County that year.  Anything (and everything) with a rainbow, peace sign won that year.  The painted rock category at least showed a bit of skill.  The diorama category was literally a shoe box with Mardi Gras-style strings of peace beads.  It was bad.  I didn’t let that tarnish my win though!

I even put it on my resume at one point.  LOL!  I was advised to remove it by an HR friend but I made my case.  I laid out the skills it took, time management, attention to detail, precise hand/eye coordination.  In the end, it seemed it DID relate to my resume after all, this was not a trivial accomplishment!  I was given permission to keep it.  It was in the personal interest section, it’s not as though I listed it as a chemistry award!

AND I still love this hat!  Having another hat I love as much would be awesome!  For one reason or another, out of the country, carpel tunnel, I just haven’t done it again!  This year is the year!

I’m gonna knit a blue ribbon hat for the county fair!  It’s a lofty goal but completely do-able.  The real question now…what to knit?


I’ve had this note taped to my desk for a couple months now.  This is how I keep track of ideas.  If it stays taped to the desk for months, I probably should do it.  Flatt & Scruggs are bluegrass pioneers.  It’s the bluegrass version of sex, drugs & rock n roll!  I must’ve seen it on a t-shirt.  I don’t really remember but it stuck with me.  It’s funny AND it rhymes!  And I’m going to Lake Tahoe for an outdoor bluegrass festival this season.  It would be appropriate.

Time to put my thinking cap on!  I’m thinking lots of little letters, something like this Binary Scarf from Knitty, with two contrast colors.  Contrast Color 1 for most of the letters.  Contrast Color 2 to highlight one word in several key places.  Yes, I think I like this idea.  Hopefully Marin County is ready for my humor.  This is taking a risk but I think it’s worth it.  It’ll all work out.  (Said every person ever trying to rationalize a bad decision!  ha!)


  1. polwygle

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see how you put this together. (I’m a bluegrass lovin’ banjo pickin’ knitter here, so I mean I can’t wait to admire your work.) Congratulations on the blue ribbon, by the way! Wouldn’t it be nice to start a collection?

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