First FO of 2016


First FO of 2016 is done!  Thank you size 13 needles and Imperial Yarn Bulky Pencil Roving!  I really love this yarn, it’s soft and squishy and look at that heathering!!  Yes, definitely love it!


The pattern is Retro Ski Hats from Imperial Yarn & Tanis Grey.  It’s a quick and easy hat with a couple of pattern options, a men’s size & a women’s size and a men’s motif & a women’s motif.  I made the men’s size but used the women’s motif.  The men get a tree, which is lovely but not purple heathered teal lovely.   I modified the crown decreases a bit because gaugh swatch who?!?


I knew I wanted a big pom pom.  I picked the largest size and convinced myself it would not be too large.  Turns out I need to invest in a larger pom pom maker.  It’s not nearly large enough!

My best pom pom advice…make sure it’s stable!  Wobbly pom poms are sad.  The most stable pom poms have a wide set base.  Here’s what I mean…


It’s tough to tell with the bulky yarn but those attachment points are over an inch apart.   No jiggling pom poms here!




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