Being Knitworthy

Every knitter has it — the knitworthy list.

It’s always been hard to get on my list and it’s only gotten harder as the years pass.  Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I want to or that I ever will, so don’t ask!  That’s rule #1 of being knitworthy.  Coincidentally, it’s also rule #2 of Fight Club being knitworthy, DON’T ASK.

So how does one become knitworthy?  First you have to realize that knitting takes time, a whole lotta precious time, it takes patience and time, to do it right.  You also have to realize that it takes money, a whole lotta spending money, plenty of money, to do it right. (And it helps if you know that’s a George Harrison reference!)

After that, it’s like winning the lottery.  You need to be at the place where my inspiration, your birthday and jupiter all align.  Once you’re on the knitworthy list though, there are some things you can do stay on the list, like show your appreciation through photos!  I love seeing my knits in action shots.

I was blessed this weekend with lots of knitterly appreciation!  First, my sister sent me pictures of her silly, dress-up loving cats in their new hats…


As if that didn’t tickle my fancy enough, I was treated to an entire album of photos featuring my old pal Roscoe.  Roscoe went to live with a little friend of mine.  Little Friend’s Dad went on a business trip to Shanghai and Roscoe tagged along, Flat Stanley style!

Roscoe went sightseeing.  He went to restaurants.  He went to work.  He posed for pictures with all of Dad’s coworkers…several times over!  Yes, Roscoe had a grand old time.

And that, my friends, is how you stay on the knitworthy list!  It takes serious commitment but then again, so does knitting!


Sleeve Delusions


I managed to pull myself away from knitting cute critters long enough to start my cardigan sleeve.  It didn’t last long though.  I just can’t resist this cute little guinea pig!  I had to cast on!  My sleeve was growing quickly.  In no time at all I had the first sleeve half done!   I deserved a little guinea pig break.


Or maybe not!  Despite everything I know I about math, significant figures and rounding, I convinced myself 30% of a sleeve was ‘half done’.  (and I’d probably rounded from 27% to 30%)  D’oh!

So, I’m back at it.  I put the toy book away.  I’ve decided I have about two hours of knitting left on this sleeve.  That’s nothing!  I can definitely finish it today.  After 15 minutes (rounded up from 12, naturally) I got distracted and started doing something else.  D’oh!

For at least the third time today, I’m back at it.  What I’m lacking in focus, I’m making up for with determination.  For at least the next 7.5 minutes.  (Fingers crossed I make it to 5!)

A Little Batty


A poorly timed evening nap left me awake all night and things got a little batty! 


A little yellow batty, that is!  I finally cracked open Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun!  I’ve never been a toy knitter but cuteness like this is hard to resist!  The secret to success with these little stuffies is their seamless construction!  No fuss knitting several pieces and sewing them together!  I love it!  You just pick up stitches directly from the body…


Not only is it dead simple, the results are gorgeous!  No weird joins from awkwardly sewn seams!  There is zero chance I could get neat, even seams sewn like this…


It’s amazing!  Not to mention, just exactly the kind of thing Rocky loves…


By that I mean, practicing his side eye!  Until I reminded him, at least it’s not Dress Like A Unicorn Day again.  I was not kidding about that!


He agreed and cooperated after that!


I think this must be his ‘please, get a job or at least leave the house’ look!  He’s such a poor, tortured baby.  Can’t you tell?  ;)



Better Living Through Chemistry


Through the haze of cold meds, I bound off the body of my Vivido Cardigan!  I’m still quite pleased with it.  It’s perfect so far!  I’m procrastinating on the sleeves though, wouldn’t want that cold med haze to mess them up.   At least, that’s how I’m justifying my wandering needles!


Rocky–or Rockysaurus Rex, in this getup–just loves playing dress up!  How can I deny him?  I think today he’s going to become a unicorn!  He’s gonna be so surprised!


WIP Wednesday – Vivido Cardigan

I can’t seem to FO on Friday but I’ve always got a WIP for Wednesday!  I’m super excited about the progress on my Vivido Cardigan!  I’ve gotten well beyond the sleeve divide and started my favorite little detail.


It’s a subtle slip stitch pattern, just enough that from a distance it’s a slight bit of visual interest, not fussy or distracting and super easy to execute…just K3, Sl1.   Definitely one of the reasons I’m making this sweater a second time!


And the fit is perfect so far!  Yay Math!  Only a couple inches left until I bind off!!  Just like last week at this time, I think I can get this done in a week!  This time I might even be right!!

2016 Stash Flash!

It’s time to Flash The Stash!  Every January, I get all my yarn out for one big family picture!  I claim it’s to get organized and to remind myself I don’t need to buy yarn when Stitches rolls through town.   In reality, it’s to pet the pretties or as one friend recently said to me ‘oh, you’re gonna play Barbies?’  Yeah, it’s kinda like that.  I love playing Barbies!

First up, review the 2015 photo!  I go through and black out all the stuff I used during the year.  Sort of eyeball what’s been hanging around, what didn’t get touched and of course to compare the general size of pile.


There’s actually not a lot to black out here.  The 2015 trend was definitely bring home new yarn and cast on immediately.  Turns out the rationalization ‘if you cast on right away, it’s not stash’ is totally true!  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough needles for all the yarn I bring home.  The 2016 pile is gigantic.  The stash definitely grew.


It’s covering the same amount of floor space, but the stacks are higher.  There’s a lot of stuff that isn’t visible here.  I think the stash probably doubled in 2015.  It’s not surprising, considering I worked for yarn in 2015.  For that reason, I don’t feel any guilt over being a rampant consumer.  No, I love my yarn barbies!  We had fun playing!  If I had a bathtub, I definitely would have filled it and jumped in!

One thing that’s happened over the years, the quality of the pile has increased.  There’s no acrylic in that pile, no big box craft yarn.  It’s actually a good thing to document for insurance purposes (another great rationalization!)   Of course, I couldn’t stop with one photo, so here’s a little tour of the stash…

The Bulky Section, pencil rovings from Iceland and Oregon, a couple tweeds.  The cotton section is in the middle there, along with my purple & acid green Baby Cashmerino and my Icelandic lace weight…I want to cast it all on!

bulky section

That’s the great wall of Lett Lopi, my icelandic yarn there in the back.   I feel like Miss Molly looking through the Magic Mirror…I see Miss Babs, I see Noro, I see Crazy Zauberball, I see Malabrigo, I see Road to China Light, I see Koigu, I see Mrs. Crosby, I see Kauni Effektgarn.

lopi koigu noro rowan

This is the MadelineTosh section, mostly Pashmina but there’s some Tosh Merino light buried and a bit of Tosh DK too!

madtosh pashmina tosh dk

Mom’s Hand Dyes, wedged between the bulkys & the Road to China Light!  Super excited to use all of that!!

moms dyes mrs crosby road to china light

We’ve got a little bit of Knit Picks Chroma buried in here, and Jade Sapphire’s Cashmere/Linen blend, Sylph–waiting to become a WestKnit–heavenly!!

omg i love yarn

The teals in this one are Quince and YOTH.  Duh…of course I’m excited for those too.

quince tosh babs yoth

That crazy pink, purple, green, grey, orange mess in the top right…a Miss Babs Yowza that’s intended to become a shawl.  I wish I could knit as fast I come up with ideas.  Not a single stinker in the lot!  I love it all!


And so, I have collected resounding proof that I do not, under any circumstances, need more yarn and that I am, in fact, a yarn collector who knits on occasion!  and I love it.





Sleeve Divide!


Since I FO’d at the beginning of the week, it seems appropriate to WIP today!  I continue to be enamored of bulky yarn!  I meant to do the sleeve divide and somehow ended up with half the body knit as well!  I am also enamored of the fit of this sweater!  I’m so glad I decided to repeat this pattern!  It’s Vivido by Carol Feller!  I can’t wait to be wearing it…which looks to be soon…


If I really wanted, I could bind off and call it a shrug!  I think I’ll manage to finish it though.  Heck, I might be motivated enough to finish it by…

…oh nevermind, I can’t even finish that sentence.  I’ll surely get distracted the instant I do.   :)

FO Tuesday – Rainbow Hat


It’s Tuesday and I’m still not waiting for Friday to give this hat the FO treatment!  I love it too much.  I can’t wait to wear it!   The yarn is Lionbrand Acrylic Bon Bons.  Despite the fact that I’m a total yarn snob, I couldn’t resist the rainbow fun.  Each bon bon pack comes with 8 tiny little balls…28 yards of adorable each!


The pattern was fun to knit too!  It’s a 1×1 ribbing and slip stitch combo that appears striped on one side and spotted on the other.  A non-matching but equally beautiful reversible stitch that is easy to execute (sorry this eliminates you double knitting!) is so rare!

I’ve decided I like the stripes out with the spots turns up (on the left).  Both the spots & the stripes read better on the left.  The hat on the right is fun but there’s a lot going on–big wonky slipped stitches, loosey goosey purl stitches.  I think a wash & fluff will improve it all!

Give it a try yourself! It’s worked in the round, over a multiple of four.  Two rounds of K1, P1 in color A followed by two rounds of sl1 wyib, P1, K1, P1 in color B.



FO Monday – Hitchhiker!


Turns out, I’m no good at waiting so I give you yet another Monday FO.  I’ll already be on to the next FO by Friday.  Hopefully!


It’s a Hitchhiker!  A huge Hitchhiker!  This is the same section of fence I always use for modeling shawls and it’s too short by a significant amount this time!  This is 700 yards of worsted weight.  And I still didn’t get to 42 points…this bad boy only has 38.  I doubt I’ll ever ‘complete’ a Hitchhiker if we’re being technical about it.

The yarn is non-superwash Rhythm from Jojoland.   I really enjoyed knitting this Hitchhiker from the superwash Rhythm so when I saw this yarn in the donation pile at knitting night, I snagged it.  I don’t usually get excited about neutrals, especially not boring old beige but this colorway really did it for me!  Sometimes a bold pop of neutral is just what’s necessary to cut through all that rainbow clown barf?!  It’s gradient beige so there’s at least a little bit of excitement.

I assumed this would go into the gift pile but it seems to have taken a liking to me.  I may have to keep this one.


Addicted to Bulky Yarn!


My Vivido Cardigan grows by leaps and bounds every time I pick it up!  I’ve joined the second ball of Kathmandu Chunky and prepped for the sleeve divide!   That’s 142 yards to get to the sleeve divide!  Amazing!  I’m really having a moment with bulky yarn this week!

I finished my  bulky hat in the blink of an eye!  It’s hard to argue with the instant gratification factor!  Pleased with my hat, I decided I needed a sweater quantity of the yarn, Imperial Yarns Bulky Pencil Roving!


I picked this lovely sage green.

And then I went to see Star Wars.  Finally!  All the working stiffs had to get back to the office so I had the theater to myself!   It seems the last two minutes got a lot of attention, justifiably.  It was the moment everyone was waiting for.  I thought it lived up to the hype, delivering the character development and the sweet pangs of nostalgia everyone hoped for.  Blah blah blah.  It was good.  But did you see what she was wearing???


A WELTED VEST?!!?  I’ve wanted a welted vest for many moons.  I’ve passed it up for a welted skirt, sweaters with sleeves and way too many cat mohawks.   And then I looked at the new stash acquisition.  It was so obvious.  Meant to be, clearly.  Now to make it happen…

…If only my hands could keep up with all my ideas.