Actual Knitting Content

With 2015 wrapped up and 2016 planning in progress, I really can’t buy myself anymore time.  I need to share some Actual Knitting Content.  Don’t get too excited though, it’s only a swatch.


I’m pretty excited about this swatch.  I’ve been hoarding this yarn for a while.  First because I was going to make a blue baby sweater.  Then I swapped colors and was going to make a sweater for myself.  Then I needed more because it’s a discontinued yarn.  Then I had more and decided a skirt was the way to go.  Then it was going to be my Rhinebeck Sweater.  and now it’s finally time.


Kathmandu Chunky! 85% Merino, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere.

I love this yarn.  I say that about a lot of yarns but I really mean it about this one!  That 5% cashmere is amazing!  It’s not much right now, but once it’s been blocked & bloomed, the result is the incredible!  You’d think it’s a different yarn it becomes so soft & luscious! I can’t wait to wear this yarn!!


I’ve decided to repeat the pattern from my favorite sweater, the Vivido Cardigan by Carol Feller of Stolen Stitches.  While I don’t usually repeat patterns, I really love this sweater.  It’s a top down raglan for easy knitting and I love the detail at the bottom.  It’s a slip stitch  sort of rib that connects the stockinette body of the sweater to the garter stitch edge.  It’s attractive, easy to execute and functional all in one go!  It’s finished with an i-cord bind off…love that too!

I’ll make a few changes too…full length sleeves!  The only thing I don’t like about the blue sweater is the half sleeves.  I got lazy, I was aiming for 3/4 length but I couldn’t even get that far.  D’oh!

The old sweater is aran weight.  This new sweater will be bulky weight, so just a tiny bit of math and I can get started!  I’m hoping the bulky yarn will go quickly, so I won’t get too sick of it.

Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution…do things the hard way, stop taking the easy way out.  That sounds like so much work though!  ha!


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