New Year’s Resolution

I’ve looked back at 2015 but time is marching on!  It’s time to set intentions for 2016!  While a resolution might be a good idea in other areas of life (hello, gainful employment!), obviously, I’m only talking about knitting here (I’m in denial about the job until it’s officially 2016!!)

The only New Year’s Resolutions I’ve ever kept are knitting related.  There was the year I did 52 hats in a year.  There was the year I did a Stitches Sweater.  There was the year I missed the Stitches Sweater deadline (ooops.)  There was the year I did the Stitches Skirt!!   So what about 2016?  The Stitches deadline has been done.  I think I need something new this year.

Perhaps join the ‘knit every pattern in a book’ trend? But what book?  Not a book full of sweaters!  Maybe this book I got for Christmas…
51d5d5iJ5WL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_  Projects-from-50-Yards-of-Fun-3Projects-from-50-Yards-of-Fun

They’re awfully cute!!  and I’ve got a whole bunch of safety eyes!  and stashbusting!  Who doesn’t like that?  But really, a whole book of toys?  I dunno.


I’m going to the WinterWonderGrass festival in early april, an outdoor music & beer festival at Lake Tahoe during ski season?!?  My sly friends made the whole thing so easy, they had booked lodging and I bought my ticket before I ever realized it’s an OUTDOOR festival! D’oh!  At least it’s an excuse to knit!  There’s 10 of us in a house, wouldn’t it be funny if we all had matching beer mittens?  I picked out this pattern by Chialee Yeh.  It looks easy enough and it presents plenty of opportunity for customization.  but 10 of the same mitten?  Sounds boring, despite the challenging nature of that.

Knit from only the stash?  I could say it but it’ll never happen.

Become a monogamous knitter?  Also in the never gonna happen file.

A sweater a month?  Only the truly insane attempt this.

A shawl a month?  Even I don’t want to do that.

A pair of socks a month?  hhhmm…interesting.  Maybe one sock a month for six pairs by the end of the year!  Or maybe I should round up to 7 pairs…one for each day of the week!  I like the sound of that but I’m not keen on buying size 000 needles which is what it’ll likely take.

Mostly, I haven’t decided yet.  Usually writing helps sort things out and by this point in a post, I’ve got a plan.  Not this time though.  I’m still stumped.  What’s your New Year’s Knitting Resolution?  (and do you mind if I steal it?)



  1. Leigh Ann

    I might steal your 52 hat goal — for St. Anthony’s (or if not them, do you know any worthy local charities? I picked St. A’s because they have a “Knitting” tab on their website). My goal for this year is to stop feeling guilty about my privileged and actually *do something* for a change. Of course (because this is how my brain in wired) I feel like – so what? 52 hats won’t make a dent in the problem of homelessness in SF.

    I love Rebecca Danger – if I were going to knit a book, one of her books would be a fun way to go!

    Suggestion: what about, quality over quantity? Give yourself all of 2016 to tackle that one huge scary overwhelming project. I’ve seen them on Ravelry – Fair Isle coats, with dozens of colors and steeks and 5,000 yards of fingering yarn. Something like that?

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  2. Missy's Crafty Mess

    I want to try out some new techniques. I want to knit items to sell at a craft sale in October. And I’m going to steal that no Start December idea. Also I want all of my Christmas gifts done by Halloween. – use those ideas all you want

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  3. polwygle

    My plan is to knit through the things my family needs first and to focus on the educational aspect of knitting. I enjoyed my approach this past year. It was the first time I ever made a structured list. As a result, I feel so accomplished. I look forward to seeing your completed projects next year!!

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  4. wolfberryknits

    I feel like if I set too many knitting goals I weirdly get less knitting done…I think I rebel against myself…I leave it at ‘cast on whatever you want whenever you want, buy as many patterns and as much yarn as you want, go crazy’ :D I guess I’m a knitting hedonist. :)

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