2015 Year in Review

A review of 2015 seems seasonally appropriate especially with the pile of WIPs looming large and the progress seemingly nil (my hitchhiker went from 15 points to 31.  Yay! But still, unremarkable.)


That’s the WIP pile on the desk (don’t worry…there’s plenty more elsewhere!)  A neutral hitchhiker, a neon Jolly Roger, a purple sweater swatch, one inch of a colorwork hat and the first third of a sports-themed triangle shawl.   Some (most?) (ALL, who am I kidding…) of these will be making 2016 appearances.  So let’s recap what DID get finished!

According to Ravelry, I finished 61 projects this year and currently have 807 project pages!   WOW!  That’s ~24,000 yards or nearly 14 miles of yarn.  What can you make with 14 miles of yarn?

That’s 33 Hats…

5 Sweaters…

8 Shawls…


And all sorts of other randomness…


I wonder if I knit a mile of yarn while traveling these miles…

To get to these places…

A few beers were consumed along the way…

And somehow, the queue has not gotten any shorter, it’s currently holding at 31 pages/924 projects.  Here’s to a productive 2016!  I can’t wait to get started.


    1. FogKnits

      I realized yesterday, how often my FOs are really F’d! LOL! I’ve got one final thread hanging from my Doodler, I’ve got a dropped stitch living on a locking marker in a scarf since january and I’ve got a minor finishing detail on the pocket of my rhinebeck sweater I never finished. LOL! Oh well…Close enough! :)

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    1. FogKnits

      I’m a bit obsessed with having an organized Ravelry Notebook page. I’ve knit so many things I really need to be. It’s work but it really helps me to refer back to needle sizes and cast on numbers…no chance I’ll actually be remembering that info!


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