Gregg Allman Totally Noticed!


Sure, I finished the Christmas Knitting I wasn’t even going to do.  Yes, the hat turned out soft and squishy and warm, (thank you, Rowan Lima!)  Is it amazingly reversible without being double knit?  Absolutely!   Do I want to keep it for myself?  Naturally.  None of that is today’s news though.  No, today’s news is even better…


Gregg Allman acknowledged my existence on social media!?!!??  Okay, so it was probably his ‘people’ but whatever.  A knitter can dream!  Here’s the photo he liked…


I captioned it ‘Finished a new hat!  Gregg Allman barely noticed.’

Except OMG, YOU GUYS!!  Gregg Allman totally noticed!  I can’t help it, I’m still squeeing!  I’ve had a crush on Gregg Allman (and his hair) since forever!

And I really love that Rolling Stone cover.  I’ve had it framed and hung, since a friend randomly found it, in a cafe, on Haight Street, in 2005.  A 1975 issue of Rolling Stone, back when they were published on newsprint! Just hanging out, amongst the free weeklies, 30 years after it had been it printed, waiting for someone to pick it up and think Gregg & I belonged together!

The whole thing is just too perfect!  I’ll be squeeing straight through til Sunday!  And watching this…on repeat!


PS–Follow me on Instagram:  FogKnits, ya never know who you’ll be rubbing virtual elbows with!



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