Yarn Swap

I was merrily knitting along yesterday…


I got quite far before I realized, the simple mens hat I was knitting had turned into a beast of a different variety.  Somewhere along the way, the hat became a hat-cowl combo garment, the manly colors became a bit more feminine and while a lovely piece of fabric, not really appropriate for my current needs.

Throw in a new shiny yarn and it’s into the time out corner for the hat cowl mashup already, less than 24 hours.  That may be a new record!

Here’s the new toy…


It’s literally shiny!!  Last night was the annual holiday yarn swap for my knitting group.   I came home with some fluffy, shiny stuff and a pink & purple silk hankie.  They seemed to like each other and who am I to argue?


This should theoretically be the end of the Christmas Knitting.  Unfortunately, my plan to not plan is going exactly according to the not planned plan.  That is to say, it’s going poorly.  Good thing I don’t have a plan or it would be upsetting!  Silk hankies are kinda fun though!  That’s good enough for today! ;)


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