WIP Wednesday

Today’s work-in-progress features the most versatile colorway ever, Nerd Girl Yarn’s Take the Crown!  It’s inspiration is the Kansas City Royals and their 2015 World Series win!


I’ve since discovered, it’s also Golden State Warriors colors, my home team, if I was into that sort of thing.  They’re currently in the midst of a record setting win streak, it’s kind of a big deal!  Go team!

It’s also the colors of Sweden!  The colors of my old college sorority too!  The fun just doesn’t end!  Unless it turns into clown barf, which is always a looming possibility with variegated yarns.  I turned to my old friend, The Hitchhiker scarf  by Martina Behm, to combat the clown barf but it wasn’t really doing it for me this time.  Digging a bit deeper into my queue I found The Reyna Shawl.

For the triple whammy of stashbusting, stretching my yardage and tempering the clown barf a bit more, I’m pairing it with the leftover Anzula Milky Way from my first Doodler.

It continues to be the non-stop time of year, so I’ve been knitting on the go and making good progress!


I’m volunteering at a charity gift wrapping fundraiser.  There’s not much wrapping just yet, plenty of knitting happening though!


Plenty of knitting photography too!


I wasn’t sure at the start but it’s really growing on me!  This is supposed to be my easy, on the go project so I’m trying to be good and finish my christmas ornaments instead of playing with the shiny new toy!


I have big plans for getting back to the Jolly Roger too!  Luckily Halloween is still 326 days away!!  Just keep knitting.


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