FO Monday – Less Pants, More Banjo

FogKnitsCyber MondaySale

Before we take off our pants and play banjo, I’ll wish everyone a happy Cyber Monday.  I’ll follow that closely with a little shameless self-promotion.  I’m offering free shipping this week with coupon code ‘ILoveKnitting’ over at ye olde etsy shop.  I’m imaging most of you are here for inspiration, not shopping so…on to the fun stuff…

I’ve finished my Joni Mitchell inspired Banjo hat!  Somehow amongst all that doodling, I managed to purl a bit.  Seriously, much like intarsia, who’s bright idea was reverse stockinette?  I hate purling.  This hat took twice the time it should have because I just don’t like doing it.


In an effort to enjoy the process, I did square decreases.  Not sure I like that decision but I’m not changing it now (because that would mean even more purling.  NO!)  I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope the recipient’s monster head will fill it out and it won’t be so weird and lumpy.

banjo strings

I tried to string one of the banjos just for fun.  Again with the weird and lumpy.  Those strings are not staying.

So, what’s next?  I feel a hat binge coming on…





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