FO Friday – Cleaning the Needles

Clue 3 of The Doodler arrived yesterday afternoon, as expected.  I promptly got started picking up 300 stitches but with a row that long, there isn’t much to see just yet.


It’s gonna be awesome!!  I can’t wait!  One of my students has an awesome doodler too… her color C is bright yellow!  I love seeing all the different color combos!


Her Color C is bright yellow!  We picked the colors with a ‘what would Stephen do?’ mantra.  I think we picked right!  I love seeing all the different color combos!  I love them all!


While we wait for more Doodler progress to ohh and ahh over, I did manage to finish a few things that had been lingering in the queue for many moons.

First, the R2-D2 beanie, who’s idea was intarsia?  I always think… it’s not that bad.  Except, it’s always that bad.


I turned that mess into something reasonable but not my cleanest work.  It took a late night following a long happy hour to actually get it done.


I said a little prayer to the gods of blocking, R2 is drying now.  Hopefully my prayers were heard!

And a long lingering WestKnit has come to an end.  This is the Colonnade Shawl, started 18 months ago.  I decided to end it several inches short of ‘complete’.  I’m the boss of my knitting, I can do that.


And, if I don’t want to block it, I can ignore it in the sink for another hour or three.  It’s good to be the boss!

Happy Friday…I’m off to doodle!





  1. shellssells

    Fun to see one with clue 3 started, thanks for posting! I didn’t have an opportunity to get working on it last evening. But, I am on vacation in a few hours, so I am sure there will be ample time soon!

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  2. Maggienesium

    This mystery knit sounds awesome – how do you get involved with one? I think I’d like to try to do something like that as a knitting resolutions for 2016 and I have you to blame – by which I mean “credit with inspiration” :)

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    1. FogKnits

      It’s a lot of fun! This one has been especially exciting! Stephen usually does it once a year in the fall. I think Ysolda does hers in jan/feb? She does it choose your own adventure style. Every clue has an A and a B, you choose a new clue each time, and they all work together! Jimmy Beans Wool has MKALs going on all the time. and I’ve recently heard (but not checked out) a ravelry group that’s just sort of a MKAL/KAL calendar group to help you find them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. FogKnits

        The yarn requirements and what type of garment you’re making are usually the two pieces of info you get :)

        Ysolda’s MKAL is called Follow Your Arrow (Follow Your Arrow 2 most recently, I expect the next one will be #3 in January)


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