Doodle in Progress Wednesday

My first doodler is ready and waiting for Clue 2!  I have absolutely no idea what to expect!?!


I am in the unfortunate group that ran out of yarn.  Luckily, I ran out at the very end.

westknits doodle

That’s two garter ridges short.  No big deal.  Wedge 17 is an increase wedge with kfbs at the beginning of each ridge so, theoretically, I’ll be two stitches short.  I don’t count stitches, so I’ll never know!  Huzzah!

I am now, cautiously, working on Doodler the Second.  I don’t want to repetitive strain myself right out of commission so caution is necessary.  Knitting field trips slow progress, so today, we went to The Spire for a spot of morning knitting.  It’s an Andy Goldsworthy installation in The Presidio.  I love Andy Goldsworthy!  He works with ‘found’ materials in nature, paying particular interest in how they change over time.  I enjoy keeping tabs on the progress.  It’s a lovely spot for a morning knit!

the spire andy goldsworthy knitting

and so, I completed one little wedge.  Almost nothing compared to the final wedge.  I’m enjoying it, knowing how quickly it’s going to grow up!



  1. Dawn Lawhon

    11 wedges down, 6 more to go….

    I hate playing yarn chicken, so I ordered extra skeins of all 3 colors. I see some kind of small matching accessory in this shawl’s future.

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