Yo Ho Ho…


…And a bottle of Rum.  Great if you’re a pirate, not so great if you’re a knitter!  The Jolly Roger shawl is moving slowly.  Lace is hard, m’kay?.  Add in a string of late nights, subsequent hangovers and cables (really?!?! how is that even necessary in lace?) and there’s not much knitting happening here at FogKnits headquarters.

Luckily tomorrow is Doodler day!  WOOOOHOO!  There will be much rejoicing (especially if the clue shows up tonight!  I love that Friday morning in Amsterdam is Thursday night in California!!)  Until then, I’m just going to twiddle my thumbs!


  1. Dawn

    Clue 1 has arrived! Thank goodness for living in different time zones.

    And already, I’m faced with new skills, for I have never i-corded or wedged! YouTube videos await….

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