Southern Skies


I’m patiently waiting for The Doodler MKAL  to start on Friday by catching up on some older projects that haven’t gotten much love lately!  Ha, yeah right!?!  I’m actually avoiding the lace section of the Jolly Roger shawl.  I worked the first lace row with gusto and then promptly put it down!  I haven’t touched it since.  Instead, it’s back to the Southern Skies shawl.  


I absolutely love this yarn combo.  It’s Superior Cashmere and Panda Silk.  I doubt I’ll be able to part with this when it’s finished.  Of course, it’s a huge assumption to say it’ll get finished!


I worked for several hours this weekend and accomplished maybe 10 rows.  That puts me one third of the way through this section where one row is four pages long.  It’s kind of crazy how long the chart is for a non-repeating row of 288 stitches!  Double that for the next section, 576 stitches, each row is spread across 8 pages of chart!  Egads!

And suddenly, I remembering why this is a back burner project!


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