FO Monday – Less Pants, More Banjo

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Before we take off our pants and play banjo, I’ll wish everyone a happy Cyber Monday.  I’ll follow that closely with a little shameless self-promotion.  I’m offering free shipping this week with coupon code ‘ILoveKnitting’ over at ye olde etsy shop.  I’m imaging most of you are here for inspiration, not shopping so…on to the fun stuff…

I’ve finished my Joni Mitchell inspired Banjo hat!  Somehow amongst all that doodling, I managed to purl a bit.  Seriously, much like intarsia, who’s bright idea was reverse stockinette?  I hate purling.  This hat took twice the time it should have because I just don’t like doing it.


In an effort to enjoy the process, I did square decreases.  Not sure I like that decision but I’m not changing it now (because that would mean even more purling.  NO!)  I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope the recipient’s monster head will fill it out and it won’t be so weird and lumpy.

banjo strings

I tried to string one of the banjos just for fun.  Again with the weird and lumpy.  Those strings are not staying.

So, what’s next?  I feel a hat binge coming on…




Doodler Decision Time

Clue Four has arrived!  I finished Clue Three just in time!


Now it’s decision time!  Clue Four comes with options!  I can do an i-cord bind off.  I can do a garter edge and then an i-cord bind off.  I can do a garter edge with an i-cord bind off and picot embellishments.   And of course, I can do whatever I want with the colors.   I am officially out of A & C.   I can continue in B (that’s the light grey color) or I can add another color.  Here’s my option for Color D…


It’s the color I wanted, initially, instead of the grey but my LYS only got it this week.  I have enough B left and in the name of stashbusting, I should just use it up.  I’m really draw to a fourth color though (and I bought it, so it’s really stashbusting either way!)  What to do?  So many choices and only one thing is certain, they are all awesome!! I can’t go wrong, they will all be lovely options.  I really love this MKAL.  The Doodler is awesome!  Stephen West is awesome!  And now it’s the weekend…Let’s Knit!!

The Doodler: Clue 3 (In Which Improvising Goes Awry)

I expected to have Clue 3 done by today.  As usual, Stephen had different plans.  This is all the progress I’ve got to show for my weekend.


Wedge 1 is complete!  I’m calling that a win for the moment!  Now how to proceed?   Wedge 1 has left me with 70 g of a 100 g skein, meaning Wedge 1 used 30 g.  We all know these wedges grow…I am doubtful that 70 g is enough to complete 2 more wedges.


I thought, perhaps, I could stretch my yardage by adding a stripe of Color B between wedges.  It’s still a solid plan.  Unfortunately, my execution left something to be desired.  I put my stripe on the wrong side…I had unsightly purl bumps.  I usually wave off ‘mistakes’ and embrace ‘design features’ but this was too much.  Purl bumps are just TOO offensive.  So I set about to tink back two 500+ stitch rows.   It’s taken days.  There may have even been a trip to the timeout corner.  I stopped short of corporal punishment, though.  That wouldn’t have benefitted anyone.

So, new plan…knit until I run out, add more colors as necessary.  Rainbow stripes are the best design feature ever, anyhow!


Saturday Stash Acquisition

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman with a lovely record collection.  I could have spent hours reading liner notes and looking at album art but I had to make due with a quick flip through!  Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark caught my eye!  Not because I’m a fan.  In fact, I didn’t even know such an album existed.


I did know that MadelineTosh has a colorway called Court & Spark though.  It’s such a specific name, I knew it had a reference and it’s a beautiful color!  And now, it’s mine!  <insert evil laugh here> MINE!


I didn’t really need it, but Tosh Merino.  Seriousleeeeeeee?  How does one resist?  I haven’t figured it out.  I had store credit to pay for it.  Plus, I need to knit a hat called ‘Less Pants, More Banjo’.  I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Court & Spark is about.  Let the knitting begin!


FO Friday – Cleaning the Needles

Clue 3 of The Doodler arrived yesterday afternoon, as expected.  I promptly got started picking up 300 stitches but with a row that long, there isn’t much to see just yet.


It’s gonna be awesome!!  I can’t wait!  One of my students has an awesome doodler too… her color C is bright yellow!  I love seeing all the different color combos!


Her Color C is bright yellow!  We picked the colors with a ‘what would Stephen do?’ mantra.  I think we picked right!  I love seeing all the different color combos!  I love them all!


While we wait for more Doodler progress to ohh and ahh over, I did manage to finish a few things that had been lingering in the queue for many moons.

First, the R2-D2 beanie, who’s idea was intarsia?  I always think… it’s not that bad.  Except, it’s always that bad.


I turned that mess into something reasonable but not my cleanest work.  It took a late night following a long happy hour to actually get it done.


I said a little prayer to the gods of blocking, R2 is drying now.  Hopefully my prayers were heard!

And a long lingering WestKnit has come to an end.  This is the Colonnade Shawl, started 18 months ago.  I decided to end it several inches short of ‘complete’.  I’m the boss of my knitting, I can do that.


And, if I don’t want to block it, I can ignore it in the sink for another hour or three.  It’s good to be the boss!

Happy Friday…I’m off to doodle!




The Doodler: Clue Two

doodler clue two garter stitch cables

Clue Two has been doodled!

Giant garter stitch cables…I never would have guessed!

the doodler cables westknits style

I’m slowly doing a row or two of Doodler #2 here & there but second shawl syndrome is even worse than second sock syndrome.  Instead, while I wait for Clue 3, it’s back to the R2-D2 hat.


A viewing of the new Star Wars trailer has inspired me.  I can’t possibly have the premier happen while I have half an R2 unit in a bag, on a shelf somewhere?!?