FO Wednesday – Gnome Hat


Instant Gratification Woooo!  I meant to start this hat so I’d have something not neon green for WIP Wednesday.  Turns out, bulky yarn (handspun bolivian llama, handdyed by Mom!), 10.5 needles and a bit of late night knitting were just the thing I wanted yesterday!  Poof!  Instant Hat!

I don’t think it’s really done though.  I want to spice it up with something…maybe some surface crochet vine/leaf motifs or something to make it even more gnome-y, a toadstool applique or a butterfly or some other garden thing.  Another excuse to stash dive, in any case!   Any Suggestions?


    1. FogKnits

      That’s the direction I was leaning at first, but then I remembered the Demi Octopus pattern on Ravelry. It’s an octopus applique…I’ve wanted to stick him on something for a long time! I’m gonna give that a try tonight!


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