It ain’t easy being a zombie


I picked this yarn at Rhinebeck because.  Certainly not because I had a plan for it.  It’s Wild Hare Fiber Studio’s Pinnacle Fingering in colorways I Want My Zombie and It Ain’t Easy.


And then, I found the perfect pattern!  Add in Halloween week and it seems like I planned this all along!  I haven’t gotten to the exciting part yet…right now I’m just lollygagging my way through a modified half pi shawl until I get to the lace edging.


Oh yes…Neon Green Lace Skulls!!  I have honestly never been so excited to knit lace before.  I’m putting my new found love of lace (and continental knitting) to the test!  Woot!   The pattern is the Jolly Roger Shawl by AinoDesigns and that’s the designers photo up there.  I think it’s going to be even better in neon!  Having it done for the weekend is questionable but why start making reasonable decisions now?  I will knit on!


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