FO Friday – It’s been a busy week

I’ve got three hats and a cowl to show for this week!  Turns out there’s a lot of knitting time involved with getting to New York and back again!

IMG_4991 IMG_4992

The first two hats are Unicorn Fart hats!  I love seeing the effect of removing just a few stitches from the cast on!  Two completely different hats! (Read Here to find out how to dye your own Unicorn Farts!)  My Mom dyed the energizer bunny of yarn skeins…3 hats and I’ve barely made a dent in it!  I’m sure I’ll get at least 3 more out of it!

unicorn farts remnamts

The third hat we’ve been calling the Midnight Ride of the Unicorn.  It’s Unicorn Farts on a dark navy yarn instead of a white yarn!  I wanted to have a little fun with it, so it became a stocking cap!  I love seeing the pattern change as the rounds get shorter and shorter!  This is a lot of fun to wear!


My last FO of the week is by no means the least of the week…a real rabbit fur cowl!


Yes, that is actually knit!  The ‘yarn’ is a bit of rabbit hide with the fur still in tact!


It’s from meat packing plants in Europe where they eat a lot of rabbit.  At least that’s the story…I’m choosing to believe it’s the truth because I really love this cowl!


It’s as soft and lovely as you’d expect a cute fuzzy bunny to be.  I’ll bet he tasted good too!  (ha!  too soon?)  Here’s a link to the fur page on Ravelry!   It’s fun stuff!  Eventually, I’ll have one in every color!  I’ve also done a few hats with it, I’ve gotta stop giving those away!

Here’s a sneak peek of my Rhinebeck yarn to hit the needles…details next week!  It’s a good one!



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